Some thoughts for the day


For Today, November 29, 2008:

Outside my window…
A bright sunny day, a view of the clubhouse, and some geese in the distance.

I am thinking…
I hope I can survive this week, with so little hours at work.

I am thankful for…
My health, my DVD collection, my music collection & flute to play all this music!

From the kitchen…
I had breakfast then cleaned the dishes from it. I have a mini christmas tree on the counter too, still need to decorate it though!

I am wearing…
Jeans & a black cardigan.

I am creating…
Chaos in my head, but trying to be realistic.

I am going…
Nowhere today! Still waiting for my license plate : But I could take a bus ride!

I am reading…
Nothing right now, I left my book on Mackinac Island (woops!). I should get a new one! I wonder what’s good…?

I am hoping…
To get some good news soon!

I am hearing…
Jurassic Park just started on TNT

Around the house (studio apartment in my case)…
A pretty clean environment (so far:p), and loving the walk-thru closet!

One of my favorite things…
My Samsung camera. Takes great pics!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Work as much as possible, play flute, start scanning wedding sheet music, spend time with friends, keep sanity!

My tree:


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