A Summer Update

I know I know, it’s been ages!

Summer has been very rewarding to me thusfar. I’ve had my most successful wedding season yet, and already have two highly potential 2010 weddings in the works (they both have said that they’re mailing out the contract, but I don’t consider it official until I get it). I’ve played in one festival and am playing in another festival in a couple of weeks. My most recent gig is going to be this coming Sunday… a concert at Ste. Anne’s Church on Mackinac Island, MI… and I get to play with the amazingly talented Dr. Tess Miller and Peggy Bynoe. I’m so excited, but I have rehearsals everyday before and after work for an hour. It will be a little hard ony because I haven’t had a schedule like that in awhile, and I’m a little stressed about it… but if I’m good about it, I should be okay with everything.

The thing is, every time I try to work on my social life, everything else falls apart… and when I focus on my career, well, my social life isn’t that social… but it’s not a big deal if it’s like that. And it’s not a big deal to me because my passion is more important to me than, say, dating a guy, or going out… those are all just really nice extras to have in life, but they aren’t necessary. What’s necesssary is happiness, and I just happen to find that in music.

So what’s my schedule this week? Rehearse, work, rehearse, close stores… everyday until Sunday, when my schedule will be rehearse, concert, rehearse (for the next concert!), then hopefully relax or get off the island and putz around Petoskey 🙂 We’ll see!


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