Cawthorne’s Village Inn

Last night was the grand re-opening of Cawthorne’s Village Inn (formerly Village Inn). I think everyone’s biggest concern was how many changes would there be with new management of the restaurant, and there were definitely a lot of people to see those changes on opening night.


When you first walk in, there doesn’t seem to be many physical changes. Maybe the wallpaper looked different…. Or the stained glass looked brighter… things I had never paid attention to we’re now looked at with a quizzical eye. Overall, the Village Inn looks pretty much the same. I think the biggest thing that I noticed (and this will probably make me sound like a bad dinner guest, lol) was that the large screen TVs were all gone. However, I was surprised to see that there were smaller flatscreen TVs within each booth instead!


As far as the menu goes, there aren’t as many selections as there used to be. But fans of the planked whitefish will be happy to know that it’s still on their menu. Just add a couple of Grand Hotel style entrees, and you’ve got a pretty fair selection from which to choose.


All in all, I felt that Cawthorne’s Village Inn offered some interesting new variety, yet still maintained the ambiance of the restaurant this town has known for years.

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