Snow & Ice

Well this week was mostly uneventful for me, especially since I’ve been battling the flu…. but this weekend we saw a little bit of snowfall and a lot of sun, which made a great combination to catch some pictures on Saturday.

Although I do have a snowmobile, I’ve been riding my bike lately because of the lack of snow. But Friday night, I woke up to find this! The ONE time I leave my bike out. I guess I should have put it back in the shed that night, hehe:


However, my bike wasn’t the only victim! There are many parked bikes around town that await their owners for the upcoming summer:

This weekend was also the last weekend for Arnold Line’s boat to run to the island… and it almost ended a day earlier than they were expecting! On Friday, their last boat of the day got stuck in the ice, and had to wait for the Coast Guard to break them out. Poor passengers! They were located right outside of the school, and since the high schoolers were expecting to play against Grand Marais that night, all of the kids were outside the school watching. Thankfully, they were able to make it to the island!

And although we had that one little mishap, it’s nice to have all of this ice. Sure, I’ll miss the sound of the waves for a couple of months, but the silence has its perks, too. After summers of tourism, the residents of Mackinac Island are welcoming of all this peace and quiet.

2 thoughts on “Snow & Ice

  1. Megan

    That always seems to happen to me when I leave my car out..the one time I do is the one time the teperature drops and I’m scraping/brushing off my car the next day :). I didn’t know that they played teams as far as Grand Marais, that’s neat. I visited Grand Marais for the first time this past summer and really enjoyed it.

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