Being sick all weekend, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night from being too congested. Last night, I happened to notice a freighter out in the water at 4am. I then realized that it wasn’t moving. 4 hours later, it was still in the same spot. Is it possible for freighters to get stuck in the ice?

Apparently, it is!! The coast guard showed up and made a couple of passes by, then stopped to watch the freighter slowly loosen its way out of the ice. Crazy to think that just yesterday our passage had completely open waters.



2 thoughts on “Stuck…?

  1. Martha MacIntosh

    Love your perspective on all things Mackinac Island. ..and the photos are ourstanding. Thanks for the run down on The Village Inn….It is ‘where we go’ when we are on The Island. Iis the former staff still there or GH personnel now? We were worried when we heard it is now under the GH umbrella.

  2. Mackinac Island Gal

    Thank you! The manager is a GH person & a great member of the community here. But other than him, I believe most of the personnel has stayed the same so far this winter! However, I can’t speak on who they are hiring to work there this summer, because I have no idea. The V.I. is also one of my favorite restaurants on the island and I’m happy with what the Grand has done with it!

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