The Aftermath of a Snowstorm

How does your town compare to the snow on Mackinac Island?

As I walked downtown to buy some groceries, I was amazed by how the snow had not only fallen, but covered, every object and crevice outside. So of course, I had to take pictures! I’ve been seeing multiple pictures on my friends’ facebook pages of what’s going on in their towns. Here’s what’s going on here:

The trees & bushes in my parents’ front yard:


French Lane:



The Cloghaun Bed & Breakfast:



Metivier Inn:



Luckybean Coffee House & The Birches on Market St.:



Hoban St.:



Taking the cat for a walk!:



Downtown Mackinac Island – some people leave their snowmobiles downtown when they leave the island:

… and it’s not always fun to come back to a snowmobile covered in snow!



Fort Hill:



Fort Mackinac:



Father Marquette in the snow:


Trees of all kinds are weighed down with snow. Some have faired worse than these. Hopefully we can do something about it so that the lilac trees don’t get damaged from the extra weight.


This cart looks like it’ll be a lot of fun to push back to the dock!


Looks like someone had the same idea I did – taking pictures from Shepler’s dock – but they didn’t get too far…. and I didn’t bother trying!


Hoban St. again… CSB Bank and Village Inn Restaurant:



Most towns hope for the streets to be plowed clean. Here, we have nicely plowed sidewalks:



The old lilac tree in my parents’ front yard, right before I tried shaking off as much snow as I could:



And we end back at my house! Wanna help me shovel my front yard?


13 thoughts on “The Aftermath of a Snowstorm

  1. Mike Forrester

    Great pictures! Finally some snow worthy of a Mackinac Island winter. Just beautiful, wish I was there, but I’m enjoying your photos almost as much! Take care!

  2. Irene Rickley

    The pictures are beautiful ! Lets hope the Lilac Trees didn’t get damaged from all the weight of the snow. Keep us “in wonderland” with some more of your great pictures.

  3. Kathleen

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful winter wonderland. My sister & I & our daughters plan to come up for St. Patrick’s Day weekend, not sure if there will be snow or not, then,, so I appreciate your blog. Hubby & I were there at Christmas & there was only a light dusting of snow…your skill as a photographer & your kindness in sharing them with the world through this blog is much appreciated. *U* Kathleen

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