Under the Mighty Mackinac Bridge

So last Sunday night, my mom and I took a quick trip off of Mackinac Island for a grocery run. We made it back to Shepler’s Ferry the next morning for their 9:30 departure, and once on the ferry, sat back and relaxed for a quick trip back home. But we forgot that the schedule had recently changed to accomodate Shepler’s “Mighty Mac” morning departure that goes under the Mackinac Bridge! Even though we see it every day, it’s not every day that we see it from this angle. So… we decided to play tourist and take a couple of photos. I also decided to try out a new photo framing app that I just downloaded… more fun with photo apps!

Going under the Mackinac Bridge:


Tourists were standing up to get the best view:


Caught a good pic of Mama May as we passed back under the bridge:


Just a cute picture of a dog on Shepler’s Mackinac Island dock. He was shaking a lot, but his owner said that he’s old, so he shakes all the time!:


If you’re planning on coming to Mackinac Island soon and want to take one of the Mighty Mac departures, visit the Shepler’s website for their complete schedule.


2 thoughts on “Under the Mighty Mackinac Bridge

  1. Doug

    Just a cute picture of Mr. and Mrs. Musser with thier dog :)This is the first time I’ve commented, just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog. My family makes it up to Mackinac once or twice a year and are fortunate enough to stay at Grand Hotel. We wish we could visit more often, but your blog helps us feel like we are staying connected to the Island.

  2. Mackinac Island Gal

    Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy the blog! And to be honest, that pic was really the reason behind making this particular post 🙂 My dad also had a dog like that when he was a kid, and I’ve always wanted one myself. I may need one to keep me company next winter!

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