Postcard to Mackinac 07.28.2012

Starting to get global, here! A postcard all the way from Victoria:

As a blogger, you tend to meet a lot of new people online. It’s great hearing from people from different parts of the United States who have visited Mackinac Island, but who would’ve thought that I’d hear from someone out of the country? So this one came as quite the exciting surprise (although I have to say, I sort of knew it was coming…)…

Ben Fast has his own amazing blog that encompasses a lot of different parts of his life, all neatly organized on a wordpress blog. I’d encourage you to check out his photography link (really, if I could own all of those cameras, I’d be one happy camper!), and especially, send him a postcard too!


Has anyone ever visited Fort Michilimackinac? It’s pretty amazing. I’ve been there only a handful of times, but it is definitely an adventure! There is even an excavation going on there this season, a definite must see!

The other nice thing about Mackinac City and Fort Michilimackinac is how close it is to the Mackinac Bridge. At one point, the Mighty Mac was the largest suspension bridge in the world, and I now believe it’s the 6th largest. I have to admit, it’s taken me a couple of years to get used to driving over the bridge. But ever since I started living year-round on Mackinac Island, I’ve found myself parking in St. Ignace in the winter and forced to drive over the bridge to be able to visit my family & friends… so now it seems like a piece of cake, hehe.

Thanks for the postcard, Ben! I’ll be sending you a postcard (& more!) very soon…

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5 thoughts on “Postcard to Mackinac 07.28.2012

  1. So glad to see it made it to you! Wish I could visit the Fort this summer with the dig, that would rock as I am a history student. Glad you enjoy my blog, and looking forward to seeing what could be coming my way… (is it tasty?!)

    1. heathermay

      Yes, I myself need to check out the dig too. Definitely make the trip over to the island if you make it down this way, this area is abound with history! I could probably even help you out with boat tickets if you let me know… oh, and about your mail, YES it’s tasty 😀 I made it myself so it passes my inspection, hehe

      1. Oh.My. Goodness I am excited!!! I would love to come, maybe in two/three years I’ll be out of school and have enough money to make that trip, but no time soon… I am very intrigued to see what/how you can send what I think you’re sending…

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