Where Am I Going?

Where am I going? Another mini-Mackinac adventure:

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

12 thoughts on “Where Am I Going?

  1. Mich Pam Day

    St. Ignace on the ice bridge. Oh how I envy you living in such a winter wonderland!! We have snow in south east Michigan but not as beautiful as yours. Stay safe.

      1. Dwight

        Joking aside, we bring our family to Mackinac Island every three years. We were there last August. My wife and I visited there when we were engaged. I’m a former teacher and curriculum supervisor and now work for a state department of education. Always been interested in those who teach on the island. Seems you have created a great opportunity, professionally and socially, for this stage in your life.

  2. Mark

    Heather, I think you’re brave taking the ice bridge no matter how cold it has been. I can’t believe that I have heard that some people are taking their snowmobiles to the island directly from Mackinaw City, and back and forth to Round Island. I would think that crossing shipping lanes borders on crazy!

    1. heathermay

      I can’t believe it either, Mark! I think it is completely foolish for people to cross the lake from Mackinaw City to the islands, with the channel right in the way.There has been a big step towards educating people about that danger on facebook and I hope people stay away.

      As for the ice bridge, this year is my very first time riding it and the 3 times that I’ve crossed it I was nervous every time! I’m sure the long-time ice bridge crossers have no problem with that feeling, but it might take me a couple more crosses to feel normal with it… maybe! Thanks for reading!

  3. Paul Leonard

    I’ve spent a number of yrs. driving tours and taxi…many Island friends made and lost…daughter and nephew married there…Hi to Smy Horn (performed ceremony for daughter)…hope to visit again…respects to pay. Hi to Molly Green…pass on the e if you have a mind

  4. Paul Leonard

    BTW…had me stumped on the British Landing Rd. Don’t recall the sign on the right. I actually drove during the millenial yr…it was a great party. The other looks like a trek out past the Annex. The rock/cement wall throws me.

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