November post-season

For the last few weeks, life has been slowing down here on Mackinac Island. We are in the process of winterizing the fudge shops, and the biggest thing left to do at this point is to shut off the water in both stores. For a lot of residents as well, that first time riding your bike through an empty Main St. is music to the ears! After working hard for the season, it’s nice to enjoy that first calm day in the fall. For me, that moment came one night when buying some groceries at Doud’s and riding home through a very quiet downtown.

This week is also a week of transitions, because I’m in the process of moving into my winter housing. Between that, helping my parents make their transition from summer home (here) to winter home (Petoskey), and winterizing the fudge shops (oh… and did I mention raking the leaves? Haven’t done that yet, either…), it’ll be a busy week for me.

I do have a few photos from over the past few weeks here on the island…

Here I took one last walk up to the Grand Hotel during their last week open. I went up to the Cupola bar with a friend to enjoy the view, and fittingly enough, the pianist at one point started playing “The Candyman Can.” I didn’t request it, I swear!


One of the first days that we were closed for the year, sometime around Oct. 26


I spent the last week open at May’s Candy shop shining up the kettles. It’s honestly one of my favorite jobs to do!


One last mopping…


I think this was during the last week we were open, around Oct. 25. Tourists still enjoying the island, even in the cold weather!


A sunny, November day with falling leaves.


About to see a transition into something new for this store for next year…


Taken this past Saturday, November 8. A view of East Bluff and the marina from the Arnold Line dock.


Apparently there is a big snow storm coming through Michigan today, so you might see more pictures tomorrow…

And to end this post, I just want to say thanks to those of you who have been following my online story! It was just something fun and creative to do, and I’ll be adding new chapters all winter. Chapter 3 is coming up next, so stay tuned!

~ Heather

8 thoughts on “November post-season

  1. PamMich

    Glad to hear you will be continuing your Story. Thank you for all the pictures. I always look forward to them. Go ahead and tell us what’s going in Alford’s. We will keep the secret. Enjoy your nice, quiet Island. Wish I was there.

  2. Melody James

    Love all of the pictures! I must admit, seeing the empty streets and closed up shops always makes me a little sad…but I’m sure to the residents it’s a welcome change of pace. 🙂 Oh no! Is Alford’s leaving? Anxious to see what’s coming next! Can’t wait for the next installment of your “Story”! Hope your winter is wonderful!

  3. Tom

    Thanks so much Heather for sharing life on the island. I do photography too and really appreciate your pictures. It helps me feel connected to the island that I love. We run the 8 mile run each year and always look forward to spending time there! Thanks again and I’m so glad you’re going to continue writing and sharing pictures!

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