More snow… finally!

Hi all,

It’s been awhile, mostly because of work, but partially because the snow has been gone for so long! I didn’t feel right posting winter snow photos when the island really looked like a gray, wet day in October… so, I waited until the snow came back, which just happened to be today.

I’m going to start, however, with some snow pictures that were taken on Thanksgiving Day! I took an early morning drive and shot some pictures around the island. My second installment of photos will be taken later tonight, as I plan on taking a little night ride… as long as this snow sticks around!

(*note: you may have to click on the photos to see them larger!)

The view from behind Mission Point Resort
Downtown Mackinac Island
A far away view of the Grand Hotel as seen from the baby Grand


Blocked! An adventure on foot for another day…

mackinac-island-blog-10 mackinac-island-blog-pics-10 mackinac-island-blog-pics-5 mackinac-island-blog-pics-3

3 thoughts on “More snow… finally!

  1. Kay & Jim Malone

    Thank you, Heather. Although originally fudgies, my wife and I feel like we are home when we are able to spend a week on the Island. Your pictures brighten our spirits until we can next come up or the next ones arrive. We are enjoying the chapters as they come. Keep it up. Merry Christmas.

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