Time for the Holidays

Time for the holidays to begin! They’re just about here, and I’m excited for that feeling of jolly good cheer. Hey, if you’re offering any jolliness out there, I’ll take it!


So far, Mackinac Island hasn’t seen much snow. But there have been a few times where I was able to catch some of the snowfall that had fallen over night a few nights. Of course, that snow had quickly melted by the time the day reached noon.

The city has also put up speed signs and stop signs for the snowmobiles, which has got me pretty excited:

Thanksgiving with family
Puddy, the family cat. I’m definitely going to miss having this guy around
Just a picture of the bay one day when I left the island to shop

I started decorating the fudge shop windows this year, too. Last year, I tried to go with more of a fun, bright, Macy’s department store kind of feel, but this year I thought I would tone it down a little.

The tree downtown finally went up too – I noticed it while walking downtown last night, so although the picture’s a little grainy, you get the spirit of it:

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Time for the Holidays

  1. Thanks Heather…I’ve only been there in the summer and at my age it’s getting harder to deal with all the people.One day I hope to come to the Island when it’s not so busy.Thanks for the pics.Your very good.

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