Winter Storm

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I’m looking forward to the new year as well, especially with the arrival of snow that I am pretty sure will not melt away this time ~

Last night we had a little visit from Winter Storm Goliath (what a perfect name!), and it came up through Michigan like a… well, like a storm, hehe. While I’m in Petoskey visiting my parents I have the pleasure of driving around in the snowy drifts, which I’m dreading a little bit, but that I also know I need to practice driving in it as my driving frequency has gone way down ever since I moved from seasonal to year-round living on Mackinac Island.

My sister, Carolyn, is on the island right now, and she is opening up her coffe shop (Lucky Bean, that is) for the days right before New Year’s Eve. According to her, Mackinac definitely got its share of snow. All Mackinac Island photos that you are about to see are courtesy of Carolyn May:


From Monday, Dec. 28 – the “before” picture

And the “After” shot! She barely got into her store

Island crew working on tidying up the sidewalks. Such hard workers!
Another early morning shot from outside my house. Looks like there’s plenty on the streets for snowmobiles. And hey, a patch of sidewalk!

 The corner of Market and Cadotte is where my parents live in the summer. As you can see, the city plowed up an ample amount of snow on this corner, as it is usually a spot where the snow melts first and most snowmobiles get stuck. It usually makes for a good show, lol, but not this year!

The view from Market and Cadotte
Views from Market Street
That’s it for now. In these next few days, I hope to have a couple more posts up, one about New Years resolutions, and one continuing the online story that I had started 2 years ago (if you’d like to follow that thread, you can do so by clicking on the “Writing” tab up top). Until then, stay safe and warm…


4 thoughts on “Winter Storm

  1. I was up there a few times. In the winter. Stayed Upstairs in the Apt. had fun got to use a Friend Snowmobile. It tipped over, a Girlfriend was on the back. She hurt her leg,had to fly her to Petoskey to get a Cast put on it. Bummer but We made the Best of it! Great Blog Heather. I look forward to them!

  2. Geri Flannery

    Can not wait for you to continue the online story. Thank you for your blog. Love the island w/my heart and soul and you keep me connected.

  3. Paul Wright

    Heather, have a great new year! My wife and I enjoyed meeting you last summer at May’s and look forward to seeing you again this year.
    Paul and Bette Ann Wright

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