Sailing part 1

Photos from the Bayview to Mackinac Race:

Last Monday, I snuck out to the park and marina to snap some shots of the boats that were arriving and that had already come in. From my house, I can hear the big boom go off every time a boat crosses the finish line (I assume it’s a gun? Now that I think about it, I have no idea!), but I didn’t realize how incredibly loud it really is when you’re actually down at Windermere Park. It would make for a good wake up alarm! Anyway, it’s really fun to see all the sails scattered about the lake:

After watching some boats sail in, I headed to the marina to see the ones that had already arrived. I was happily surprised to see so many boats in the marina knowing that a huge storm had just gone through the area that night:

As I made my way back into town, I stopped by the hardware store and found that there were even more boats near the fudge shop. Score! I took one more shot, with the Mackinac Island flag off to the side:

As I finish posting this, the boats from the Chicago to Mackinac race are making their way to Mackinac Island, and I’m sure many have already arrived! Part 2 will of course be featuring the Chicago boats and I’m looking forward to seeing a marina filled with a group new boats for another spectacular sight.

~ Heather

6 thoughts on “Sailing part 1

    1. heathermay

      That’s awesome that you’ve been sailing, and thanks for reading! I guess the carriage in my pic looks a little dark so I can see how it looks like a hearse, hehe! It’s actually a carriage that is meant for private tours of the island, one that can be rented out by an individual or a family.

  1. Terry N.

    Wow That’s a lot of boats. Great photos, wish I was there to see them in person. I heard that you could be getting some pretty nasty thunder storms up that way. Hope your boater friends stay safe and you as well.

  2. Paul Wright

    Hi Heather,
    This is the first time that I have ever seen the Mackinac Island flag. Thank you for the photos. I hope that the sailors bought many pounds of fudge and goodies.

  3. Gail Kalnajs

    Thanks for the update Heather! Takes me back to my Summer on the island. I just hope the sailors aren’t too crazy. Enjoyed seeing all the wonderful boats.

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