Nearing the Season’s End

The main portion of the tourist season is almost over, marked usually by the passing of Labor Day. Once we get into September, although there is still activity throughout the island, business definitely dies down. I just wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures from the fudge shop this summer:

We start most days by making one or all of our three types of brittle. Here, we’re waiting for the base of our peanut brittle to boil over before adding the peanuts. Sometimes it forms the shape of a heart in the middle, so once in awhile I’ll try to take a picture of it…

It didn’t quite reach that heart shape here
We are literally overflowing with peanut brittle!


Below, some of our Pecan Glase, and then some more peanut brittle…

Slicing fudge from the marble tables:

Emptying a kettle full of our third brittle called Peco Flake, a brittle with peanuts and coconut:

And a finished loaf of peanut butter fudge:


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