Hello, September!

Another season has passed, but the fun hasn’t stopped yet!

I like September. Sure, I have to split my time between the school and the store and the weather can be more touchy this month, but there’s still lots to be happy about. For instance, my dad celebrated his 90th birthday very recently! We took him out for dinner on the day of his birthday:

The next day, we gathered all the employees at May’s Candy Shop and the Lucky Bean Coffee shop and held a big surprise birthday party for him at home. It was nothing short of spectacular, and he was very surprised! I’m just happy to be able to celebrate this man’s life on such a landmark of a birthday. Below, I couldn’t help but take a pic of one of the sushi trays we got for the occasion: 

Just a few windy days down at Windermere Park:

All summer I run different kinds of contests in the store for the employees, based on their knowledge or on sales goals. For my last contest before leaving to teach, I decided to have some fun – I printed out some random pics from this season, posted them in the store, and ran a caption contest. The funniest 2 captions won a prize, and everyone really had fun with it! Here, you can see my half sister Tienne reading the captions: 

Unfortunately, we start to lose some employees in September because their contract with us ends. One of those people happened to be my candy assistant, Alton, and I was very sad to see him go. What an awesome guy! He was always such a happy person, and kept us all upbeat at work with his silliness and his singing! Oh his singing, haha… I’ll definitely miss him!

Let me just end this post with two more sunset photos. I took one behind the library where you can find a spot with some larger boulders and rocks, and one down further along on the boardwalk, where I very randomly ran across a single rose near the water…

Until next time,


8 thoughts on “Hello, September!

  1. Happy birthday again to your Dad (I wished him one on Facebook too). He continues a candy legacy not to be outdone! I wish Alton well, I was fortunate to record him on June 22 during my brief visit on the Island. Here is the link to my recording of him and you making fudge to forward to him. I am planning to be back one more time next summer and I will be coming into the shop then. Have a great rest of the month Heather.

    Alton and you making Peanut Butter Fudge

  2. JoAn Michalke

    Hi Heather! I remember you when you were younger. Thanks for the pictures and blog. Hard to believe you dad is 90! Happy Birthday to your dad! He is very fortunate to be surrounded by love. .

    Have a Happy Fall and Winter!

  3. Heather, So glad to hear that your Dad is 90! Congratulations to all of you! Whenever I pass him on the street, I always say”Hi Marv”, but I don’t think he knows who I am because there were so many years when I rarely saw him. But please tell him hello and Happy Birthday from me and Croghans. Moira

  4. Mark

    The 32 Celsius shirt is hilarious! We’ll be on the Island for a week starting Sunday and are looking forward to your amazing brittle. We are wondering, are the leaves are showing great colors yet?

    1. heathermay

      Hi Mark! The leaves are starting to change color but I haven’t seen the best that the island can give just yet ~ more to hopefully come soon!

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