Mackinac Island / Fall 2017

This year’s fall season has been taking it’s sweet time to start cooling down… and I’m totally okay with that!


I haven’t had much time to blog this summer, but did have an opportunity recently to organize some recent photos. The sunsets this time of year are wonderful, and I like to join the other tourists down at the boardwalk to wait for the day’s sunset. Every once in awhile, I have the great pleasure of catching a freight boat pass by, like in the picture above and below:


Some quiet time on the beach…


Life on Main Street has still been pretty steady as well! We’ve had the Republican convention, boy scouts, and senior citizens visiting in the past few weeks. And just when I think that business is going to be slow at the fudge shops on a Saturday… it’s not! Overall I’m pretty happy about the weekend business downtown:

The view on Main Street
Cream and butter delivery for May’s Candy Shop
Fresh chocolate nut! Mmmmmmmmmmmay’s fudge 🙂

Just a few more outdoor shots for you. I’ve got a new camera coming in the mail and hope to put up some pictures with it soon! Take care, all…


~ Heather

5 thoughts on “Mackinac Island / Fall 2017

  1. Gail M Kalnajs

    Oh my! Feeling the need to be there after seeing your Fall pictures. Thanks for sharing & looking forward to more.

  2. I always love your posts Heather. I am a few months behind in my blog too, we did so much I had not had time to write until recently. I look forward to your pics with the new camera. I got a new one last year and love it, a Canon Rebel T6i. I hope we can return to Mackinac in 2020 to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and take a Milky Way picture at night with the Mighty Mac bridge. Have a great fall and Halloween. Loved your Willy Wonka costume last year. Give your father my regards 🙂

    1. heathermay

      Hi! I too have a Canon Rebel T6i, it’s a great camera that I’m still learning how to use in manual mode 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. Karen from Niles

    So glad to hear from you and all the great photos. I’m coming to the island this Sunday for a night. Looking forward to all the sales and maybe some fall color, but we’ll see how that goes. That fudge looks yummy!

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