Quiet Town

I’ve been in self-quarantine just as I hope most of us out there has, and it’s not the best feeling being stuck inside all day long. How has everyone out there been doing?

There are quite a few measures put into place here on the island. We’re following all of Whitmer’s orders, and from what I’ve seen on my limited time outdoors, we’re all social-distancing, too.

We’ve had cloudy, rainy weather for the last couple of days, which makes it much less appealing to go outside anyway. For the businesses that are still open, they’re doing their part to keep everyone safe and healthy, too. The post office has a new bulletin board dedicated to Covid-19 information, and Since we’re all PO Box holders, they also offer mail deliveries for anyone interested, which is a great service for our older residents.

The bank requires that you call ahead of time before going there, and they only allow one person in at a time.

And Doud’s Market offers home deliveries if you email or call them before Noon. Inside the store, they allow 6 people in the store at a time, provide gloves for shoppers, and have tape marked on the floor for when you’re waiting in line to pay.

This is normally the time of year when I start to see construction projects getting finished up, new employees arrive to the island, and businesses start to get cleaned up and organized. But none of that has really happened. Here’s hoping that we all keep up with our staying at home and our social distancing, so that life can go back to normal. ~ Heather

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4 thoughts on “Quiet Town

  1. greg hauch

    HI, I enjoy seeing your photos and reading about the island. about a month ago my sister and I took the taxi plane to the island. it was our first time in the winter. got photos of the blue ice. it was pretty cool being there in the winter. that was the only season we had not been there in yet. I love taking photos. I drove up last weekend and took the ferry over a week ago today. that was cool going through some ice on the boat. it was deserted pretty much. I just walked around and took pictures for 3 hours. cant wait to go back. I met a young lady on the boat ride over from California that said she was coming over to work on the island. I am taking photography classes and trying to improve my skills also. I see you use a canon. I would like to help you in some small ways. I use a t5i. I have a vello shutterboss shutter release with a digital timer. I never used it. if you have a tripod and have a use for it I would donate it to you. I would love to meet you sometime and talk photography. I could ship the shutter release to you if interested. or hand deliver it next time I am on the island. thanks Greg

    1. heathermay

      Thanks for reading and also thanks for the offer on camera equipment! I actually have enough tripods right now, but thanks anyway!

      1. greg hauch

        hi and thanks for the response. it is a shutter release for your camera that I was willing to give to you. but I would like to help in some way.
        thanks Greg

  2. Patty Wilkins

    Hi Heather, I live in Gaines Township, Michigan. We live in a old farmhouse in the countryside. Our grocery stores are out of toilet paper, sanitizers and bread yeast. I imagine allot of people want to try their hand at bread baking. Finding fresh chicken, meat and bread can be hit or miss but fresh produce is in abundance. We are fortunate to have grocery pickup. We place our shopping order online with Meijer or Kroger located in the next town. Then we drive to the store on our designated pickup dated and wait for our shopper to place our order in the trunk of our car assuring social distancing. It’s a bit more complicated than that but so far it’s working. Two days a week seniors and at risk shoppers are allowed into the stores 1 hour before the rest of the public. I suspect when this virus has been defeated there will be people in the streets throwing rolls of hoarded toilet paper into the air in celebration and packets of unopened bread yeast will show up for sale on Facebook’s Marketplace.

    Wishing you health and happiness,

    Patty Wilkins

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