5 Resources to help you stay positive during the Covid-19 crisis

With the stay home, stay safe order extending to April 30, and the ominous presence of Covid-19 reaching our towns, it can be difficult to stay positive throughout the day. Turning on the TV doesn’t always help either, as it seems like the only news that I ever hear is about the virus. And yes, binge watching TV is an awesome pastime, but not always the solution I’m looking for to help my nerves. So I’ve found a few other resources to help me stay calm during this crisis. I wanted to share those with you today.

1. I created this Spotify playlist of Michigan musicians, something I’ve listened to while studying or working online. I invite you to listen, too: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4Ch7lTeNX1eibLtaizBjq5?si=aClsgzTWSC2JN_jNfRlFcg

2. For those of you who enjoy adult coloring books, here are some free downloadable coloring pages created by Jennifer and Natalie Wohletz: https://mainstreetartmilford.com/pages/coloringpages.

3. This link is shared from the Island Bookstore, a list of bestselling books from Great Lakes Independent Bookstores:


4. Here’s my personal list of books based on Mackinac Island that I’ve read and recommend – something to add to your collection of Michigan books:

The Loon Feather by Iola Fuller: I read this book on a train ride from Chicago to Kansas City back in 2010, making my way to Atchison to find out more about my family history. My favorite thing about the book? The love story!

Somewhere In Time by Richard Matheson: Ok guys, it’s time to put the movie away and read this one! I actually read the book before I even saw the movie… and it’s a GREAT read. It spends a lot more time on time travel than the movie does, one of the reasons I enjoyed the book so much.

Mystery on Mackinac Island by Anna W. Hale: I read this as a kid, and it started my fascination with mysteries. An easy read!

The Legend of Mackinac Island by Kathy Jo-Wargin: This is a wonderful book to read with your little ones. I created a little play for my students to re-enact this book at our last Spring Concert with positive reviews!

The Tale of Halcyon Crane by Wendy Webb: A mysteriously spooky story that doesn’t take place on Mackinac Island, but in a place with a very similar description.

5. One more for those of you who like to write. Are you practicing mindfulness? In our efforts to stay indoors, keeping our spirits up can be a challenge. I find that just 10-15 minutes of journaling is a big help for me to keep my sanity. I set the scene by playing some instrumental music, sitting near a window where I have a good outdoor view or sunlight streaming in, and I will write one of two things… I’ll either write down whatever comes to mind, OR I answer 3 questions that help me identify what I’m grateful for.

Below is a link to a free download I’ve created for you to do just that. You can either print it out and write, or if you prefer keeping digital files, you can also type right into the pdf and save it. Click on the picture to download:

I hope these resources can help you find some calm in your day. I’d love to hear from you, too… what do you do to help keep up the positivity in your life right now? What books are you reading?

I hope you’re all staying home and staying safe, and hope you will join me in my next blogpost when I post more photos from around Mackinac Island. Until next time…


3 thoughts on “5 Resources to help you stay positive during the Covid-19 crisis

  1. Mark

    Hi Heather,

    I couldn’t agree more with your reading list and your advice on practicing Mindfulness.

    Thank you again for helping those of us ‘off the Rock’ to keep our connection! My wife and I are not planning to be back until Lilac Festival this year (hoping it happens) and would appreciate a year-rounder like you to keep us posted as to what the ‘buzz’ is on the Island as to how things are progressing towards opening for the season.

    We are very concerned for all of you that depend on the tourist season for your livelihoods and are worried that many of our favorite places may not be able to weather the storm of a continued closed economy.

    We are also looking forward to more of your beautiful photography!


  2. Karen Snyder

    Heather, I so appreciate your posts and inspiring comments and pictures. I haven’t had a chance to comment on your last few posts but keep them coming. My brother and I flew to the island at the end of February to see the blue ice and take pictures. It was awesome! So glad we came when we did. Hope it won’t be long until we can visit again. I’ll stop and say hi if you are in the store.

  3. Love, love, love Mackinac Island. My first visit was 2015, the second October 2019; if you haven’t been there it’s hard to explain the uniqueness of this island. Living on a busy main street, I am so content to be sans cars and trucks .. where the pace of life is slower. Please keep sharing those beautiful photographs; brings back many pleasant memories. Looking forward to my next visit, and wishing all Islanders well in these troubling times.

    Mary Ann

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