Thanksgiving Art & Festivities

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and weekend! I spent the holidays with my family on Mackinac Island, and we enjoyed a wonderful day of snow, cooking, and of course, togetherness.

Before I delve into our island Thanksgiving dinner, let me start off with some artwork from Mackinac Island students. My 2nd and 3rd grade students are all about learning how to draw animals this year, so among those animals we drew a Turkey. We drew a turkey together step-by-step, making it look like a realistic turkey from a side view. Then, we colored our turkeys using heavy crayon, and I let the students choose whether to make their turkey’s colors realistic or colorful – then, we painting over the turkeys using watercolor paint to create a wax resist effect. Here are a few of the finished artwork:

A fine turkey indeed
A fine turkey indeed
A colorful turkey full of stripes and swirls
A colorful turkey full of stripes and swirls
Camo turkey ~ looks like this turkey will survive the weekend!
Camo turkey ~ looks like this turkey will survive the weekend!



On Thanksgiving morn, Mackinac Island held its annual 5k Turkey Trot, and boy was it a great day to go running/walking/dog walking! With a layer of snow on the ground, the participants looked ready to run, including my brother and his girlfriend. Lee decided to skip the turkey trot however, and go straight to frog jump…




After watching them take off, and buying a few last minute ingredients at Doud’s Market, I made a couple of stops to take some downtown photos:


A view of downtown from the 2nd floor of our corner fudge shop
A view of downtown from the 2nd floor of our corner fudge shop

Now this year we all jumped on our Thanksgiving dinner duties, and mine was being in charge of desserts! I made both a pumpkin pie and an apple cranberry pie, both successful in turnout. We had a fabulous thanksgiving this year, and I hope all of you out there did too! And if you’re wondering what to do with your turkey leftovers, you should definitely try making some turkey enchiladas… they were fantastic!



Now before I go, let me leave you with a couple more Thanksgiving inspired artwork from Mackinac Island students. My 4th and 5th grade art class talked about the Mayflower and its significance with Thanksgiving, and each student was able to draw his and her own Mayflower boat. I LOVED the outcome of these boats, as they did a fantastic job drawing them:

mackinac-island-mayflower-1 mackinac-island-mayflower-2 mackinac-island-mayflower-3 mackinac-island-mayflower-4 mackinac-island-mayflower-5


Art Frogs

In my Kindergarten-1st grade art class, we go through the letters of the alphabet throughout the school year. Right now, we are on the letter “F,” and I like to have students practice their drawing skills every couple of letters, so today we practiced drawing frogs.

Students followed along with me on the white board as we drew three different kinds of frogs together. They then had the chance to draw a fourth frog using any of the the other 3 frog drawings as inspiration. Here’s some of what they drew: