A Month of Thanks

There’s been a lot of not much going on, and I like it!

November has been expectedly quiet, and I’ve been sticking to work and home for the most part. I have always welcomed this part of the transition from on-season to off-season, when traffic to the island slows down to mainly residents and workers, and you get the island back to yourself. Tourists are still coming, but they’re mostly just here on Saturdays or Sundays, walking around town, hanging at the Mustang since that’s the only restaurant open right now, and back to the boat they go. I’ve been off the island only a couple times to drive my car around, but I can’t help doing the tourist thing and take pictures as I take the boat back.

                        A view from my seat on the bottom deck
A snowmobile is making its way to the island, waiting for the snow to stick around
The Starline crew putting up their annual Christmas tree

I’ve also been thankful more than ever for nature, and have been getting outside more often to take in fresh air. I know, it’s getting colder out, and the snow should be coming soon, too. But I love snow so that’s all good! And As long as I’m moving I can handle the cold! So far I’ve really only walked on main trails and to landmarks like Sugar Loaf, but one of my goals this winter is to hike as many snow-covered trails as I can.

On the trail leading to Anne’s Tablet
The stairs by West Bluff
Somewhere along Pontiac Trail
The Grand Hotel as seen from West Bluff

I’m thankful for my family, I’m thankful for my close friends who check in with me and make me laugh, and I’m also very thankful to live in such a loving and supportive community, surrounded by people who help each other and are kind to each other, who care for and cherish their elders, and who look out for one another. It’s not just an island, it’s a community, and for that I’m blessed to live here.

To end this post, I’d like to invite you all to a new venture that I’m trying out – as I mentioned earlier in my post, I’ve been walking more trails and would like to keep doing so this winter. My main reason for this honestly is to be more active and to use it as a form of exercise, but I thought I would make some videos out of it every once in awhile. You can join me on my hikes on Youtube, where I’ll be posting videos every month of a new trail or sight I decide to visit this winter. You can view and subscribe to my Youtube channel by clicking right here!

Stay safe and until next time,


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Season’s End

We’ve reached a pivotal moment in the year 2020… the end of another season on Mackinac Island. As much as I love making candy and love the summer, I’m happy for the season’s end. It was one heck of a season!

There were definite positives to the season, especially those things that I wouldn’t think would work out but did… I really lucked on out having such a wonderful crew of workers this year. They really had my back (and at one point I mean that literally, as I did throw out my back mid-season!), and we all got along so well and had the best time. I was really fortunate to have such great people to work with this year.

Another positive was the chance I had to get back out and into exploring Mackinac Island itself. It’s easy to get swallowed up with work and I think that’s totally ok to do that when you want to get the work done… and especially when it’s work you like! But I also miss out on a lot of Mackinac in the summer because of that, so I spent more time hiking and biking my favorite trails, learning about how to search for mushrooms, looking for more photo opportunities, and just staying offline and focusing on nature. What a great way to recharge after a long day of work, too! And especially in the fall, that smell of fallen leaves is the absolute best.

Now for the future… at least for the near future, anyway. I’m definitely looking forward to having another winter of the island “to ourselves,” now that the season is over, I’m excited to get back into the settings of my camera and refamiliarize myself with what I love most – capturing the untouched snow on island in the winter. There’s just something about that peaceful quietness that accompanies the snow that you just can’t beat! But until then, we’ve got to get ourselves through these crazy few moments of October and November weather. We’ve already had multiple days of rain, snow, sun, high winds, high waves, and even a water spout, that I can only imagine whatever else comes next, we’ll be able to handle it!

Here are a few final pictures for you from the last couple weeks:

Arch Rock from a distance… our boat to the back way around the island to get to St. Ignace due to high winds

A cleaned out secret garden with Halloween decor…

Stay safe and warm out there, everyone! Until next time…

~ Heather

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The Rushing of Summer

How August flies by so quickly I will never understand.

The month had been quite interesting, with lots of ups and downs, and opportunities to enjoy the weather, and even more chances to enjoy my hobbies. Although work at the fudge is still far from the normal good ol’ days, we’ve been able to accommodate and be comfortable with the changes we’ve made. I rather enjoy not opening so early anymore, although it would be nice if I could keep the store open later than we do, but unlike last year, there just isn’t anyone around looking for full time work, or part time work, or any work really. Still, my core staff of 2 has been handling it in the best way possible, and we get through the days sharing our love of certain flavors and our experiences on the island in general. This week we’ll celebrate the annual fudge festival, one festival that we were fortunate to not have to cancel, although many of the regular activities did either get cancelled or changed to something online. I also get to continue my tradition of creating a fudge festival flavor.

Some views from work…

For those of you who have been reading here long enough, you’ll remember a project I started as a type of art therapy and in honor of my dad. I finally was able to finish that project, along with another painting, both with a water theme. Below you can see the final painting that I did for my father:

Two of my paintings on display at the exhibit at Mission Point Resort

It will be up on display at the Art Museum at Mission Point Resort, along with several other island artists. I’m happy to be able to complete the work, and even more honored that I could even display it for others to enjoy. As I mentioned earlier in the post, I’ve had more opportunities to enjoy my hobbies, which has included more painting but this time it has been more of an exploration in other mediums. I’ve started a sketchbook filled with gouache paintings, and hope to continue learning how to paint in this medium, along with watercolor paintings that I hope to do with my students in the coming school year.

Another of my hobbies… photography, took somewhat of a dive this month as work became my main focus, but nevertheless I found times to get out there and take photos regardless of my busy schedule. My largest excursion took me out to Leslie Ave (the road I had adopted for my dad) and enjoyed the scenic ride up and down this winding road.

On the way back down, around East Bluff

I hope everyone is having a safe month! See you next time,


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