Changes in Season

There are always a lot of moving parts happening in March, whether we notice it or not. Changes in weather, additions to staff, stores quietly getting ready for the season, snowmobiles being stored away, snowmobiles braving the lack of snow on roads… the first time I left the island this month was in the first week. I left for only two days, and went by boat.

At that time, the boat was running, and we were traveling the regular route to St. Ignace. Great! By the time I was ready to drive back up north, ice had floated back into the dock at St. Ignace and the boat couldn’t break free. So, back by plane I went…

In the picture above you can see how clear the water is around the island. It was a beautiful day for a plane ride, and it turned out to be a pretty nice day for a walk back down to my house, as well.

As the week progressed, more and more snow started to melt on the roads. It made snowmobile travel much more difficult downtown, but there was still enough for people to get by driving. As someone who lives close to downtown, I walk most everywhere, so it hasn’t affected me too much this year. The city does a great job of keeping our sidewalks clear and safe.

One dicey spot where the melted snow likes to create a little lake.
Melting, but still driveable
A beautiful view of the water and ice off the docks

The last time I was off the island was last week, headed to Petoskey to bring my mom back with me. No issues with breaking through the ice in the lake this time, but there was also another issue… by that Friday, schools had officially decided to close down for the next 3 weeks. By time I had gotten back to the island Monday, it had finally settled in with me that I wouldn’t have anything to do for awhile. My mom and I also missed out on getting any toilet paper or cleaning wipes. More than just seasons on the island was changing.

The ice had moved again on our boat ride back, too compacted to go the normal route, so we traveled around the North side of the island where you can see Arch Rock. It’s a longer trip, but the view is still great. I think I was more fascinated by the buttery smooth waves, followed by larges patches of ice.

Right now, the roads are pretty clear. We’ve had quite a few sunny days, and it’s still the same, quiet Mackinac Island that I’m accustomed to this time of year. I just don’t go out very much. Or, at all. Except to get groceries at Doud’s.

Our two restaurants are now closed to the public, but they do offer take out, as well as offer delivery service to our older residents. Doud’s is open as well, and has offered delivery service to all residents. And we are all sticking to social distancing requirements as much as any other place in Michigan.

As far as activities to keep myself busy during this social distancing phase, I’ve been cleaning at home a lot, practicing ukulele and guitar a lot more, taking more photos, bird watching, drawing a little, and spending way too much time on my phone. I’m lucky, however, to have a camera lens that zooms close enough to clearer see birds high up… I’m hoping to catch an owl or eagle one of these days in my back yard again, or possibly on my next walk on the boardwalk.

Until next time, I’ll be hunkered down at home. I hope everyone out there is staying safe, and wishing everyone a little comfort from my home to yours.


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Snow storm and Holiday Postcards

Take a stroll with me on the boardwalk…



Today a nice big snowstorm hit Mackinac Island, and it was great. Well, maybe the wind wasn’t so great, but everything else was great. We had to endure an entire weekend with no snow and barely enough ice on the ground for snowmobilers to get by, so the several inches of snow that we accumulated last night and today was nice. I wanted to get a little walk in this morning, so I decided to walk to work instead of drive.

A nice view of the Grand Hotel on my way towards the school
A nice view of the Grand Hotel on my way towards the school

On my way out of work, I could tell there was a lot more snow… and a lot more wind, too! The snow just wanted to stick to everything, including store windows. But the wind was really making it hard for snow to stick to the ground, so driving seemed to be a little bit of a wispy adventure.





By the time I got home a minute later, I figured, why not take a ride? So I started up my snowmobile and headed into town. I needed gas anyway, and I hadn’t gotten any good pics of the fudge shops yet, so what better time than any!

Leaving Island Hardware after getting some gas, and about to cross Main Street onto Astor Street.
Leaving Island Hardware after getting some gas, and about to cross Main Street onto Astor Street.

I swung back around onto Main St. to check out the tree


Our main store, May's Fudge Shop, oldest family-operated fudge shop on the island. I added a couple of decorations to make it more festive!
Our main store, May’s Fudge Shop, oldest family-operated fudge shop on the island. I added a couple of decorations to make it more festive!


Here are just a couple more photographs from around town:

Fort Mackinac
Fort Mackinac




By the way, awhile back I started a little Postcard Pal event where I asked all of you out there to send me a postcard with a note about your memories of Mackinac Island. With the holidays in full swing, I thought I’d bring back the event in a good ol’ holiday style!

Send me a postcard with a message saying what you like about Mackinac Island in the winter, or what you’d like to experience about Mackinac Island if you haven’t been here in the winter. Your postcard will be featured on my blog, and you’ll receive a postcard back from me! Send all mail to:

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Thanks for stopping by, and hope to hear from you soon!


Postcard to Mackinac 08.11.2012

A new postcard! Tandem biking on Mackinac Island:

Look! It’s my future home on a postcard, hehe… the Frederick R. Weisman art museum is quite an art piece itself! As a new art teacher, it’s always interesting to visit different museums and galleries, especially ones that feature art that’s local and therefore more personal to the area. This museum looks like an intriguing place to visit in Minnesota.

I know Dawn from my alma mater, Central Michigan University, where I studied Music Performance & Education. She was part of the faculty there and also an amazing flutist! It’s always good to hear from friends.

I love the tradition of riding around the island… and on tandem bikes, no less! I’ve ridden on tandem bikes a couple of times, and they’re pretty tricky, but definitely something to try when you’re on Mackinac Island. I, too, used to keep record of my round-the-island trips, and Mackinac’s eight plus miles around, as a younger self, I once biked it in 35 minutes. It’s nice to have the tradition of visiting a certain part of Mackinac Island on every visit, but I challenge everyone to find an activity that they can DO on every visit, too!

Thanks, Dawn, for the awesome postcard! Hope to see you on your next trip as well!

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