Mackinac Island / Fall 2017

This year’s fall season has been taking it’s sweet time to start cooling down… and I’m totally okay with that!


I haven’t had much time to blog this summer, but did have an opportunity recently to organize some recent photos. The sunsets this time of year are wonderful, and I like to join the other tourists down at the boardwalk to wait for the day’s sunset. Every once in awhile, I have the great pleasure of catching a freight boat pass by, like in the picture above and below:


Some quiet time on the beach…


Life on Main Street has still been pretty steady as well! We’ve had the Republican convention, boy scouts, and senior citizens visiting in the past few weeks. And just when I think that business is going to be slow at the fudge shops on a Saturday… it’s not! Overall I’m pretty happy about the weekend business downtown:

The view on Main Street
Cream and butter delivery for May’s Candy Shop
Fresh chocolate nut! Mmmmmmmmmmmay’s fudge ๐Ÿ™‚

Just a few more outdoor shots for you. I’ve got a new camera coming in the mail and hope to put up some pictures with it soon! Take care, all…


~ Heather


It’s a great time of year to enjoy the clear water…

I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a lot more time down by the lake lately. With the tourist season coming up, and school in its final few weeks, my stress level can get higher than normal… I find that taking my exercise outdoors helps out my stress levels even more, plus… great pictures!

On the way towards Devil’s Kitchen are the stairs that lead up to West Bluff. There are two flights that go up from the road before then taking you on a small trail that leads to the rest of the stairs…

But normally I stay on the road and either bike or run out past Devil’s Kitchen. On the way back in, I like to take a quick stop just to breathe in the fresh water right outside my house.

The weather has been incredibly sunny lately, and on this particular day, I took a few pictures up at Anne’s Tablet:

And a shot of a passing freight boat by Windermere Point:

My last picture was taken just this weekend, when I had the chance to visit the island beaver’s little home near Mission Point! I didn’t get a chance to see them, but, it’s a pretty cool structure up close!

Until next time… enjoy the weather!


Night and Day

EditA post of night and day photos on Mackinac Island…

A few days ago, I decided to try my hand at night photography up at Arch Rock. After biking in near pitch black conditions, I managed to reach the Arch with my friend, Sara Wright, who is a professional photographer, and she shared some tips with me as we took photos. Unfortunately, the moon came out and lit up our photos too much! I thought I’d try editing the pics as dark as I could without losing the stars. All in all, we were outside for about an hour or so before we realized some kind of frozen fog was descending on us and it was time to go home. It was a fun first experience for me of taking pictures of the stars.
On our way back we somehow got sidetracked onto some new trails and ended up losing our way… I was a little embarrassed as I feel I should probably know the island better, but I just don’t go out past Sugar Loaf very much! That’s basically where we got lost, and found ourselves on a gravel road out near the airport. But we kept going, the road eventually meeting up with a main road and we made our way home. It was definitely an island adventure!

The next day, I packed up my bags and headed off the island to spend Easter with my parents and sister. Although it’s still cold, the views recently on sunnier days has been great! Especially when the lake is involved. I always forget how clear the water is this time of year… anyway, I had to take a few photos around the boat dock before heading off the island:

– Heather