In Thought

I have had an awful lot on my mind lately and I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about… the recent passing of my father has left me and my family in a state of grief over the past three weeks and for the unforeseeable future, and is something I do not wish to discuss in great detail at this moment.

But what I will say is that I’m learning something about grief ~ it is something a few have told me so far which I’ve now found true, which is that it comes and goes in waves… sometimes I feel completely normal, and sometimes I feel completely depressed. Sometimes I’ll go a full day feeling like my regular self going about a regular day, and some days I struggle to make it through. What I’m not going to do is force my grief to stay in because, as I’ve quickly found out from my friends, that everyone understands what I’m going through and not one person has made me feel bad for showing my feelings, and for that I’m grateful.



The priest at the funeral – a longtime family friend I’ve known since high school – had mentioned something during his eulogy as well as to me personally. That no matter what happens in life, you are the one to make the best out of your life. My father survived polio and his life could have gone a different way, but it didn’t. He fought through it and made a successful life for himself. He may be gone, and I may be struggling through his absence right now, but I’m going to keep going, keep struggling through it, and continue pushing forward. I’m going to continue to be me, and continue working on making a life for myself, and live my best life.


I’d like to end this post with a request… I’ve numbered all the pictures in this post for a reason. I’ve been wanting to start a painting project and finally have the canvas for it, and with my recent interest in waves, I’m trying to take pictures that may inspire me to paint. Anyway, I’m picking from this group of photographs, and would love your input. If you would like to share your thoughts, please leave a comment with the number picture you like best, and I’ll paint that one.

Until next time,


After the Snow

And as soon as it came, it went…

A picture of melting snow and ice on Sunday


Construction downtown on Monday (photo from Up North on Facebook)
On Sunday, the majority of snow on Mackinac Island disappeared, with all of it gone today. And who knows when it’ll be back again… but I’m sure more snow will be on its way soon enough. 

We are also almost near the start of our Christmas break at school, and I wanted to share with you a few of the art projects my students have been working on in class. I teach 7th-8th grade music & art, and around Thanksgiving they completed a relief print project with a winter theme. The students learned about how to transfer a design to a 4×6 piece of rubber, and how to carve it out. After they completed their projects, I took the prints home and used embossing powder and simple frames from the dollar store to create some festive gifts that they can give to their parents:



In kindergarten, we played with colored macaroni! After dying some macaroni with green food coloring myself, the two boys in my kindergarten class and one girl in first grade got to glue the macaroni onto a cardboard circle that I traced from a Pringles can, and after flying macaroni around the edges they left some blank space in the middle. I then stuck their picture in the center and glued a bow at the top, creating a wreath tree ornament that the students can use every year on their Christmas tree (pictured are two wreaths with school photos already applied, and one blank one with an S to stand for the first letter of the student’s name):

 As for me, I’ve got all of my holiday shopping finished and am looking forward to a long, relaxing break. If you liked the art projects mentioned above feel free to like or share in the options below, or leave a comment! I may have more posts like this sometime in the future…

– Heather

Postcard to Mackinac 08.11.2012

A new postcard! Tandem biking on Mackinac Island:

Look! It’s my future home on a postcard, hehe… the Frederick R. Weisman art museum is quite an art piece itself! As a new art teacher, it’s always interesting to visit different museums and galleries, especially ones that feature art that’s local and therefore more personal to the area. This museum looks like an intriguing place to visit in Minnesota.

I know Dawn from my alma mater, Central Michigan University, where I studied Music Performance & Education. She was part of the faculty there and also an amazing flutist! It’s always good to hear from friends.

I love the tradition of riding around the island… and on tandem bikes, no less! I’ve ridden on tandem bikes a couple of times, and they’re pretty tricky, but definitely something to try when you’re on Mackinac Island. I, too, used to keep record of my round-the-island trips, and Mackinac’s eight plus miles around, as a younger self, I once biked it in 35 minutes. It’s nice to have the tradition of visiting a certain part of Mackinac Island on every visit, but I challenge everyone to find an activity that they can DO on every visit, too!

Thanks, Dawn, for the awesome postcard! Hope to see you on your next trip as well!

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