A New Season

Hi all,

I started back up at May’s Candy Shops this last week, and had a pretty good first day. We’re experiencing much more business this time of year which is a nice surprise, and I’m very happy to be making candy again. Ready to get hungry? Here are a few pics!

One of our candy makers working on his short paddle technique.
Deliciously thin peanut brittle
Maple Nut fudge, made with maple sugar! It’s one of my favorites to decorate.
Tour carriages waiting their turn
A new restaurant to open soon…


We’ve had some weird weather up here lately – it keeps saying rain in the forecast, and yet it mostly just rains at night and then it’s sunny all day long. A couple of mornings it was incredibly foggy! If you’ve ever watched the movie, The Mist, that’s what it felt like… anyway, we’ve had some very fortunate sunsets as well, and my I enjoyed the view as a few birds enjoyed the water.






Freight boat!




Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone ~


Waiting for Spring

Lately, it’s been difficult getting down an accurate view of Mackinac Island in its current state, as the weather in Michigan has been changing on almost a daily basis. When I got back from my spring vacation on Saturday, there was no snow at all on the island. The next morning, I woke up to a fresh blanket of snow that just kept coming down. Then Monday and Tuesday we were met with clear, sunny days and melting snow, leaving us once again with grass and clearer roads. I took a walk around downtown yesterday and Monday, and flashed a few photos with my new camera…

The water is clear and blue, a welcoming sign of spring for me!


Down at the marina, still lots of clear, blue water, with bits of snow on the docks.


It’s still cold enough for trees on the shoreline to be covered in ice


It is now Wednesday morning, and here I am looking out at another snowy front yard! When will mother nature make up her mind… anyway, this is a shorter blog than usual for me, but I’m sure there will be more in the near future as I play with this new camera of mine. Until next time…

~ Heather

Little Bird

Last weekend the school on Mackinac Island had what I’d call our Mid-Winter break, and had Friday through Sunday off ~ a very nice little 3-day weekend to travel off island. I hadn’t left the island in several weeks, so I felt the need to be away, and pay my parents a visit too. Thankfully, the roads happened to be dry and just fine for driving, which worked out great for me as I’ve grown accustomed to the lack of any need to drive up on Mackinac.
Some scenes from the boat. This is a LOT less ice filled than two days later, when the ice floated back in!

On Saturday, I drove downstate to a friend of a friend’s recording studio ~ my friend and neighbor on the island plays ukulele, and we’ve been jammin out and trying to write our own tunes… the process ended up leading us to his friend’s studio where we recorded one song, my first time ever in a recording studio!

In past years I’ve recorded many times, but they’ve always been for a recital or a concert that I was working towards. They’ve always been live, and recorded from start to finish with all the little mistakes and mishaps that you might hear in a live performance. I’ve grown accustomed to playing songs straight through, so to record something non-classical in a studio was a new experience for me, since all of what we recorded was editable – I could sing one line of music, and that line could be cut, copied, pasted, auto tuned, and filtered in an infinite amount of ways.

Singer/Songwriter Pete Badour laying down some harmonies ~ producer Jeff Gingrich working his musical magic

The end result is Weather the Storm, a song created for Little Bird, the first music project from Michigan Pins! The song is free for download at the Michigan Pins website, and I’m very proud of what we were able to create.

On my way back home from recording, I spent a little more time with family (and family cat), then headed back to Mackinac Island Monday morning, when Michigan just happened to get hit with a storm of snow! The boat almost didn’t make it out of the harbor, but with the pros over at Arnold Line Ferry, we got to the island just fine.

Rounding the north breakwall…


Me, hehe… it was pretty on Monday morning


The sunset over an icy lake

With all of this new snow I’m sure to get more snow pics here, and some of that awesome blue ice!

I don’t often ask this, but if you like what you see in this blogpost please feel free to like/ comment below ~ and I also invite you to hear the new song Weather the Storm, and I’d love to hear what you think of that as well!

Until next time,