After the Snow

And as soon as it came, it went…

A picture of melting snow and ice on Sunday


Construction downtown on Monday (photo from Up North on Facebook)
On Sunday, the majority of snow on Mackinac Island disappeared, with all of it gone today. And who knows when it’ll be back again… but I’m sure more snow will be on its way soon enough. 

We are also almost near the start of our Christmas break at school, and I wanted to share with you a few of the art projects my students have been working on in class. I teach 7th-8th grade music & art, and around Thanksgiving they completed a relief print project with a winter theme. The students learned about how to transfer a design to a 4×6 piece of rubber, and how to carve it out. After they completed their projects, I took the prints home and used embossing powder and simple frames from the dollar store to create some festive gifts that they can give to their parents:



In kindergarten, we played with colored macaroni! After dying some macaroni with green food coloring myself, the two boys in my kindergarten class and one girl in first grade got to glue the macaroni onto a cardboard circle that I traced from a Pringles can, and after flying macaroni around the edges they left some blank space in the middle. I then stuck their picture in the center and glued a bow at the top, creating a wreath tree ornament that the students can use every year on their Christmas tree (pictured are two wreaths with school photos already applied, and one blank one with an S to stand for the first letter of the student’s name):

 As for me, I’ve got all of my holiday shopping finished and am looking forward to a long, relaxing break. If you liked the art projects mentioned above feel free to like or share in the options below, or leave a comment! I may have more posts like this sometime in the future…

– Heather

Christmas Lights

Even though Mackinac Island has spent most of the winter so far with little snow (we finally got some to stick yesterday, enough for snowmobile usage!), the holiday spirit is still pretty apparent in this year’s decorations. I think Chamber’s Riding Stable really outdid themselves this year – which is great since I live so close by! And the decorations around town make a walk through town pretty colorful. Anyway, here are just a few shots of the view around here:


The view from Chamber’s Riding Stable (plus two more pictures below). This picture just doesn’t do it justice!


The view from May’s Candy Shops corner store window


A very festive Stuart House staircase


More from the Stuart House


The Chippewa Hotel, and the best part? The twinkling blue sidewalk!


Mackinac Island’s Christmas tree

~ Heather

Time for the Holidays

Time for the holidays to begin! They’re just about here, and I’m excited for that feeling of jolly good cheer. Hey, if you’re offering any jolliness out there, I’ll take it!


So far, Mackinac Island hasn’t seen much snow. But there have been a few times where I was able to catch some of the snowfall that had fallen over night a few nights. Of course, that snow had quickly melted by the time the day reached noon.

The city has also put up speed signs and stop signs for the snowmobiles, which has got me pretty excited:

Thanksgiving with family
Puddy, the family cat. I’m definitely going to miss having this guy around
Just a picture of the bay one day when I left the island to shop

I started decorating the fudge shop windows this year, too. Last year, I tried to go with more of a fun, bright, Macy’s department store kind of feel, but this year I thought I would tone it down a little.

The tree downtown finally went up too – I noticed it while walking downtown last night, so although the picture’s a little grainy, you get the spirit of it:

Until next time,