Ice Bridge

There’s a first time for everything… I finally got myself out on the ice bridge!


You might recognize the picture above, but if you don’t, it’s the boardwalk! You can see how much snow has accumulated up here (actually, this picture is a couple weeks old and the wall of snow is much higher now!) The ice bridge that connects Mackinac Island to St. Ignace has been here for several months now, and people from all over have been making good use of it. And on my first trip over, I had to make sure to take a couple of photos.

My adventure took place a couple of weeks ago, on a sunny weekend with lots of people out and about on their snowmobiles. I didn’t start out at British Landing, where you can find one of the two ice bridge trails… instead, I took the “B-Line,” which starts at the end of the boardwalk:


I figured if I get too scared to stop later in the trip that I should take a picture at the first tree!




As you can clearly see, the ice bridge has snowmobile tracks that extend a fair amount away from the trees. But, don’t ever make a detour off the path! You may not end up at your destination… !


Halfway through, and I decided that I could stop. We found a patch of ice not covered in snow, and tried to see how thick the ice was at that particular spot:


Once on the St. Ignace side, I breathed a sigh of relief/pumped a fist in the air for my first trip over. Fun stuff! We even ran into some tourists making their first trip over and they actually asked us for directions! We told them to follow the trees. Since my first trip I’ve gone across the ice bridge another 4 times, and it has really been a good year for a bridge. If you’ve never been, always go with a buddy! And of course, always always ALWAYS, be careful and take all precautions while traveling the straits.




mackinac island ice bridge panorama

Snow & Ice

Well this week was mostly uneventful for me, especially since I’ve been battling the flu…. but this weekend we saw a little bit of snowfall and a lot of sun, which made a great combination to catch some pictures on Saturday.

Although I do have a snowmobile, I’ve been riding my bike lately because of the lack of snow. But Friday night, I woke up to find this! The ONE time I leave my bike out. I guess I should have put it back in the shed that night, hehe:


However, my bike wasn’t the only victim! There are many parked bikes around town that await their owners for the upcoming summer:

This weekend was also the last weekend for Arnold Line’s boat to run to the island… and it almost ended a day earlier than they were expecting! On Friday, their last boat of the day got stuck in the ice, and had to wait for the Coast Guard to break them out. Poor passengers! They were located right outside of the school, and since the high schoolers were expecting to play against Grand Marais that night, all of the kids were outside the school watching. Thankfully, they were able to make it to the island!

And although we had that one little mishap, it’s nice to have all of this ice. Sure, I’ll miss the sound of the waves for a couple of months, but the silence has its perks, too. After summers of tourism, the residents of Mackinac Island are welcoming of all this peace and quiet.


Arnold line was set to stop running tomorrow… But it looks like it might be today! They’ve been in the same spot for an hour now. Here, the coast guard is right behind them to help.


Just ten minutes after I took the above picture, the coast guard was able to set them free! I ran out just in time to catch some of it on my iPhone video camera. Once the boat started moving, the coast guard continued to stay in the area to break up the ice for Arnold Line’s return back to St. Ignace.