Lilacs, Hikes & Postcards

For those of you who missed the Lilac Festival…There were some beautifully floral moments throughout the lilac festival week, and this year I wanted to incorporate something new into the schedule – I led photo enthusiasts on a photo hike to some of the not-so-well-known areas of Mackinac Island, stopping every so often to take scenic photos and enjoy the views. I hope to make this an annual event, and will most likely do another hike in July and August! We started by walking through Market Street, then made our way up to Anne’s Tablet:Of course, I have to end the lilac portion of this post with my favorite of all the lilac species, the Sensation lilacs! Their white-lined petals give a unique style to an otherwise simple lilac design:

Now that July is upon us, we’ve finally gotten a few hot hot HOT days on Mackinac! Not that I don’t like warm weather, but it’s the humid + hot days that make me reminisce about the winter months… anyway, instead of hanging out inside air conditioned buildings, I opted to go for a hike to feel the cooler breeze near the water, as well as take some interesting photos along the way:

Near Nicolet Tower:

On the trails:Some interesting roots… I had to climb down the cliff side to get this angle, but it wasn’t as dangerous as it sounds! Still, be careful if you decide to hike a cliff side trail…

Something I haven’t done in awhile on this blog is feature postcards, and I thought I would try to revive that old tradition of mine! If you send me a postcard and write about what you like about Mackinac Island, I will post it on my blog as a feature!! You can send your postcard to:

Heather May

PO Box 870

Mackinac Island, MI


Until next time,


Mackinac Island Fudge Festival 2013

Today is the beginning of a very festive weekend on Mackinac Island, as today starts the Mackinac Island Fudge Festival! There are a lot of fun events going on, but the real event will be what you’ll find inside the fudge shops! Here are a couple of pictures from around May’s Famous Fudge shop from this summer:

Here I am, stirring some cherry fudge
Here I am, stirring some cherry fudge
mackinac island fudge festival 3
And here I am, IN the fudge! My brother, Lee May, is an artist and graphic designer, and when he’s not creating art on his computer or sketchbook, he’s creating artwork in the fudge.
My sister, Tienne, stirring some fresh mint chocolate chip fudge
Stirring up all kinds of hotness! I believe we had just started to cook a batch of carmel.


Cashew brittle that had just been poured onto the marble slab. The next step? flip it over and stretch it out!

In an attempt to catch up to my brother’s artwork, I’ve been working on my penmanship in the fudge:


And after a long day of fudge making, all I have left to do now is cut the fudge and clean the marble slabs.

mackinac island fudge festival 7

A new fudge design I've been trying for the festival... loops and swirls!
A new fudge design I’ve been trying for the festival… loops and swirls!