Winter Musings

So far for 2021, I am enjoying the winter scenery!

January brought a lot of interesting hikes with lots of interesting views. We actually started the year out with a few dry days and lost snow from warmer weather, although the second half of the month brought back the snow that was happily welcomed by most, if not all, islanders. Either way, I still made my way outside to take in the view. One of my favorite places to go that’s also close to town is Anne’s Tablet. A beautiful spot for viewing downtown from a different vantage point, I find the journey to get there more interesting than the destination itself, as there are two trails to get there.

Another fun spot to visit is Fort Holmes, although this time I like it more for the destination rather than the journey… I had decided to go up the stairs on this particular day, and the stairs, covered in a thin layer of dense snow which was therefore slick, made the walk back down a little tricky. But the view was definitely worth it! Thankfully I had my ice cleats on so it wasn’t too dangerous of a journey.

The best thing about the snowfall in January was how fluffy the snow had fallen! I’m not the best at taking snowfall pictures so it was nice to have so many tries at it. Below you can see a few more photos from around town:

Until next time,


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Spring Surprises 2018

So… how about this weather!?

Although this weekend was full of braving a boat ride across Lake Huron and staying out of the horrible weather as much as possible, last weekend was full of island hiking, and I decided to explore around Sugar Loaf and see everything else along the way:

The lighthouse passage as seen from the top of Fort Hill


The Mackinac Bridge at sunset

More lake ice at sunset

There are a few Mackinac Island landmarks that are fairly close to each other, so whenever I visit one, I try to visit all three… Fort Holmes, Sugar Loaf, and Arch Rock. Being a resident who lives downtown however, I don’t always realize how much more snow is in the middle of the island. I walked up Fort Hill, strolled behind Fort Mackinac, and proceeded to hike along one of the trails towards Sugar Loaf, when I quickly realized that none of these trails had been touched and were covered in a good half foot of  thick snow. But I had made it up that far so, why not keep going?

Here you can see my lone footsteps in the snow, and a tree that had fallen into a very interesting spot!

At every intersection I tried to calculate how much further I had to go and kept telling myself that I was so close. Also, knowing that arriving at Sugar Loaf would be so worth it, I kept trudging along until finally, I was there!

It’s a pretty big rock! I know lots of people try to climb it, even though you aren’t supposed to… my older half sister once climbed it back in the 70s and she somehow got stuck! She had to get pulled out by the local firemen. Anyway, there’s a small path that you can walk around it, but I decided to rest my feet and just take pictures from the road.

I then realized that I chose to visit the landmark between Arch Rock and Fort Holmes… and not wanting to go one way just to backtrack the other way and trudge in more snow than I needed to, I decided that I would skip Arch Rock this time around and head towards Fort Holmes. So, I made my way up to Lookout Point (which I had to do very carefully up the snowy, slightly slippery stairs!) and took one final look at Sugar Loaf:

The road to Fort Holmes had a clear path and I was able to walk fairly normally the rest of the way! It also happened to be a beautiful, sunny day to take a clear pic:


And one more picture to share… yesterday as I made a short trip to St. Ignace and back, there were two freight boats parked just outside the island, waiting out the crazy winds we’ve been having. Unfortunately I didn’t have a nice camera on me so this one I took with my phone, but I still think it’s worth the share! Considering that the winds picked up even more today, I’m guessing they’re still sitting out there… or if they moved, they didn’t get very far!


I hope everyone is having better weather than we are, and here’s hoping that Spring actually decides to show up soon!

~ Heather

A cool, cold island

I’m sorry I haven’t posted at all for the month of February, and this one’s long overdue… I’ve been suffering from a condition known to teachers as EDOFMA… aka, the Eternal Darkness of February, March, and April. So far I have survived February, which is strange because my birthday is right in the middle of the month (Feb. 16) and you’d think that alone would be enough to pull me out of EDOFMA! But alas, it wasn’t…

I’m just kidding, actually, and the month has just gone by faster than expected. My students are furthering their studies on piano, guitar, and ukulele, and I personally have been spending more time playing ukulele too. I’ve also been taking more of a liking to Instagram, and recently decided to get more into photo albums as well, using my Instagram photos for a possible future album that would also use the Project Life system (if any of you out there use Project Life, please feel free to leave a comment about how you like it!). 

Anyway, the weather on the island has been beautiful, snowy, warm, beautiful, icy, and more recently, a mixture of warm and icy. The schoolyard is like an ice skating rink and I couldn’t imagine leaving the house without having Yak Trax on. On my way to school this afternoon, I took a few photos of the scene down by the boardwalk:



A recent snowshoe trip to Fort Holmes provided me with even more sunny photos:


A group of friends and I also recently built a fort inside Fort Holmes. It was fun! The parks director, along with some fort employees and I built this fort with snow, blocks of snow, a canon made of cardboard tubes, blue water, and a flag. The view up there was also a sight:


Lately it’s been harder to get around because of all the ice, but there are still great views to be had! I hope March brings as many more great views as February.

~ Heather