A Mackinac Winter

Out of all the wintery days that we’ve had in this new year, none have seemed more like winter than last Friday. Just a brushing of light snowfall, so constant and unwavering that it gently coats the tree branches and winter foliage just enough to cause a whiteout all around you. When it snows, air is trapped between the snowflakes, attenuating vibration, and absorbing sound. That’s why it seems so much more quiet when it snows. 

I always think of this when I’m walking to work in a light snowfall; just a calm moment before the everyday noise and jumbling of work begins is what I consider an ideal way to start the day. Better than a hot cup of coffee. And then on other days, when work is over, that is, a little noise is a welcome addition to the day. That’s when the revving of snowmobiles around town seem more exciting than normal. 

I haven’t had the opportunity to find myself on a snowmobile ride in recent years, but when you’ve got an adventurous driver, you know you’re in for a good drive. Most drivers are friendly as well… I will often times find myself walking up the big hill past the Grand Hotel and someone will stop to offer me a ride. Now that the island’s roads are full of snow (compared to the first week of the New Year when the snow had disappeared), snowmobiles are much more frequent around town. There’s also plenty of opportunities to travel by fat tire bike, cross country skis, or snowshoes, but at the end of the day, I will always be in favor of a walk. Anyway, if anyone reading out there happens to be located in a place with snow right now, and you have the good fortune of walking (or driving) on snow-covered trails, I highly recommend it. It’s a delightful way to start out the new year.


Mackinac in November

What a great time to be outside!

November up here on Mackinac Island has been fairly good to us so far. The weather seems much warmer than in past years, which has been great! It makes raking the leaves in my front yard all the more merry, and I hope the nice weather keeps up for a few more days because I’m still not done raking…

One of the nice things about this time of year is that the sunsets seem to become more interesting. I’m not sure why, but the skies just end up producing much more pink and purple colors that make it seem so unique, especially over our beautiful Lake Huron. In the summer, whenever I close the shops for the night, I would always take the long way home and ride my bike through downtown and around the boardwalk, just so that I could catch that sunset… it never failed to relax me after an especially long workday. But now that the sun sets much earlier (around 5pm-ish), I try to get outdoors early enough to catch it.

Im trying to enjoy this wonderful weather before this snow starts up, which apparently is happening this Saturday…

On Saturday, we received our first dusting of snow. I was really looking forward to it, but unfortunately it didn’t seem like we got that much on Saturday. I could be speaking too soon on this though… maybe we’ll get more snow overnight? Maybe it’ll snow all day Sunday!? Hopefully it will, as I’m absolutely ready for some colder weather and plenty of beautiful snowfall… we’ll see!

~ Heather

*UPDATE* Woke up to much more snow! It might all melt today, but still, it’s nice waking up to the first winter wonderland of the winter season!

Snow storm and Holiday Postcards

Take a stroll with me on the boardwalk…



Today a nice big snowstorm hit Mackinac Island, and it was great. Well, maybe the wind wasn’t so great, but everything else was great. We had to endure an entire weekend with no snow and barely enough ice on the ground for snowmobilers to get by, so the several inches of snow that we accumulated last night and today was nice. I wanted to get a little walk in this morning, so I decided to walk to work instead of drive.

A nice view of the Grand Hotel on my way towards the school
A nice view of the Grand Hotel on my way towards the school

On my way out of work, I could tell there was a lot more snow… and a lot more wind, too! The snow just wanted to stick to everything, including store windows. But the wind was really making it hard for snow to stick to the ground, so driving seemed to be a little bit of a wispy adventure.





By the time I got home a minute later, I figured, why not take a ride? So I started up my snowmobile and headed into town. I needed gas anyway, and I hadn’t gotten any good pics of the fudge shops yet, so what better time than any!

Leaving Island Hardware after getting some gas, and about to cross Main Street onto Astor Street.
Leaving Island Hardware after getting some gas, and about to cross Main Street onto Astor Street.

I swung back around onto Main St. to check out the tree


Our main store, May's Fudge Shop, oldest family-operated fudge shop on the island. I added a couple of decorations to make it more festive!
Our main store, May’s Fudge Shop, oldest family-operated fudge shop on the island. I added a couple of decorations to make it more festive!


Here are just a couple more photographs from around town:

Fort Mackinac
Fort Mackinac




By the way, awhile back I started a little Postcard Pal event where I asked all of you out there to send me a postcard with a note about your memories of Mackinac Island. With the holidays in full swing, I thought I’d bring back the event in a good ol’ holiday style!

Send me a postcard with a message saying what you like about Mackinac Island in the winter, or what you’d like to experience about Mackinac Island if you haven’t been here in the winter. Your postcard will be featured on my blog, and you’ll receive a postcard back from me! Send all mail to:

@MackIslandGal / PO Box 870 / Mackinac Island, MI 49757

Thanks for stopping by, and hope to hear from you soon!