Waiting for Spring

Lately, it’s been difficult getting down an accurate view of Mackinac Island in its current state, as the weather in Michigan has been changing on almost a daily basis. When I got back from my spring vacation on Saturday, there was no snow at all on the island. The next morning, I woke up to a fresh blanket of snow that just kept coming down. Then Monday and Tuesday we were met with clear, sunny days and melting snow, leaving us once again with grass and clearer roads. I took a walk around downtown yesterday and Monday, and flashed a few photos with my new camera…

The water is clear and blue, a welcoming sign of spring for me!


Down at the marina, still lots of clear, blue water, with bits of snow on the docks.


It’s still cold enough for trees on the shoreline to be covered in ice


It is now Wednesday morning, and here I am looking out at another snowy front yard! When will mother nature make up her mind… anyway, this is a shorter blog than usual for me, but I’m sure there will be more in the near future as I play with this new camera of mine. Until next time…

~ Heather

Last Ice

The higher temperatures and rain have all but eliminated the ice and snow here in Mackinac Island, but I still have several pictures from just days ago that I wanted to post! I took some pictures after work on Friday that were down by the boardwalk. Lots of ice had built up along the shoreline, and I couldn’t resist taking a walk around it, and… well… on it. Don’t worry, I didn’t jump out onto any floating icebergs, but I’m going to miss seeing the beautiful blue ice.


Since then, we’ve had a dramatic decrease in snow, and although I’m missing it, I do enjoy walking to work on the nice flat surface that is the sidewalk!


The Grand Hotel on Saturday ~ there’s still a fair amount of snow on the road
I think this is from Monday ~ bare sidewalk, partially bare street
From the schoolyard on Tuesday … slush/ice
Still in the schoolyard, looking towards Little Stone Church

Now that the snow is disappearing, I’m looking forward to smelling fresh spring air, hearing more crashing waves and going on longer hikes later in the day. Let me end this post with one last wintery scene of Mackinac Island, 2016:
~ Heather

A cool, cold island

I’m sorry I haven’t posted at all for the month of February, and this one’s long overdue… I’ve been suffering from a condition known to teachers as EDOFMA… aka, the Eternal Darkness of February, March, and April. So far I have survived February, which is strange because my birthday is right in the middle of the month (Feb. 16) and you’d think that alone would be enough to pull me out of EDOFMA! But alas, it wasn’t…

I’m just kidding, actually, and the month has just gone by faster than expected. My students are furthering their studies on piano, guitar, and ukulele, and I personally have been spending more time playing ukulele too. I’ve also been taking more of a liking to Instagram, and recently decided to get more into photo albums as well, using my Instagram photos for a possible future album that would also use the Project Life system (if any of you out there use Project Life, please feel free to leave a comment about how you like it!). 

Anyway, the weather on the island has been beautiful, snowy, warm, beautiful, icy, and more recently, a mixture of warm and icy. The schoolyard is like an ice skating rink and I couldn’t imagine leaving the house without having Yak Trax on. On my way to school this afternoon, I took a few photos of the scene down by the boardwalk:



A recent snowshoe trip to Fort Holmes provided me with even more sunny photos:


A group of friends and I also recently built a fort inside Fort Holmes. It was fun! The parks director, along with some fort employees and I built this fort with snow, blocks of snow, a canon made of cardboard tubes, blue water, and a flag. The view up there was also a sight:


Lately it’s been harder to get around because of all the ice, but there are still great views to be had! I hope March brings as many more great views as February.

~ Heather