A New Season

Hi all,

I started back up at May’s Candy Shops this last week, and had a pretty good first day. We’re experiencing much more business this time of year which is a nice surprise, and I’m very happy to be making candy again. Ready to get hungry? Here are a few pics!

One of our candy makers working on his short paddle technique.
Deliciously thin peanut brittle
Maple Nut fudge, made with maple sugar! It’s one of my favorites to decorate.
Tour carriages waiting their turn
A new restaurant to open soon…


We’ve had some weird weather up here lately – it keeps saying rain in the forecast, and yet it mostly just rains at night and then it’s sunny all day long. A couple of mornings it was incredibly foggy! If you’ve ever watched the movie, The Mist, that’s what it felt like… anyway, we’ve had some very fortunate sunsets as well, and my I enjoyed the view as a few birds enjoyed the water.






Freight boat!




Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone ~


Sunnier Days

So much up here is coming alive… I love it! The season is slowly starting once again. There are still a few weeks left of the school year, and I’ve gotten my final music concert done, which means it’s smooth sailing from here! Well, I hope, hehe… anyway, the weather has been much nicer lately and definitely a lot sunnier, so I’ve been enjoying the outdoors a little more and more every day.

I’m sure that you’ve all heard that the Grand Hotel has made their grand opening this past Friday, but there are also several stores open downtown as well, including the Lucky Bean Coffeeshop, Little Luxuries, Mighty Mac hamburger shop, and Island Slice Pizza, just to name a few. Doud’s Market has extended their hours and now there are lots of places to go past 7pm! Yippee!

I’ve been taking more pics with the new camera, too! Here’s a bit of what I’ve gotten so far:

Some roadwork seen through the May’s Candy Shop window. I think it has something to do with plumbing
Another pretty island sunset
I finally took my first ride on Shepler’s Miss Margy. It’s so spacious!


Also a few shots from Arnold Line’s Mighty Huron ~ the water seemed especially clear this day. Plus… a freighter!



I also spent some time off the island, over at the beach in Mackinaw City, and got some classic pics of the Mackinac Bridge.


If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve decided to make a change to my overall look and theme in an attempt to lighten things up! If you like it, feel free to like this post or send a comment! I also noticed that with the larger header option with this theme, I may need to get a new header picture as my old picture is just a tad bit blurry… which is a shame, because I really like that picture! I remember taking it one day while sitting inside the Grand Hotel to eat a quick lunch before heading back to work. Well, this may be the year for me to find many more pictures here… and many more adventures!

Speaking of adventures… for those of you who have been following my sci-fi story under the “writing” tab, I’m halfway through writing Chapter 10. That post will be going up soon!

Downtown Mackinac Island, Sunday May 8 (Mother’s Day)

So everything is definitely coming alive up here on Mackinac Island. Now I’m on my way to put the finishing touches on my desserts for my mom this Mother’s Day, and to anyone out there who’s reading this who is also a mother…

… Happy Mother’s Day!



Mackinac Island Fudge Festival 2013

Today is the beginning of a very festive weekend on Mackinac Island, as today starts the Mackinac Island Fudge Festival! There are a lot of fun events going on, but the real event will be what you’ll find inside the fudge shops! Here are a couple of pictures from around May’s Famous Fudge shop from this summer:

Here I am, stirring some cherry fudge
Here I am, stirring some cherry fudge
mackinac island fudge festival 3
And here I am, IN the fudge! My brother, Lee May, is an artist and graphic designer, and when he’s not creating art on his computer or sketchbook, he’s creating artwork in the fudge.
My sister, Tienne, stirring some fresh mint chocolate chip fudge
Stirring up all kinds of hotness! I believe we had just started to cook a batch of carmel.


Cashew brittle that had just been poured onto the marble slab. The next step? flip it over and stretch it out!

In an attempt to catch up to my brother’s artwork, I’ve been working on my penmanship in the fudge:


And after a long day of fudge making, all I have left to do now is cut the fudge and clean the marble slabs.

mackinac island fudge festival 7

A new fudge design I've been trying for the festival... loops and swirls!
A new fudge design I’ve been trying for the festival… loops and swirls!