Still In Bloom!

It’s been raining a lot lately, but there are still lilac photos to be had!

Every year, I tend to get so busy that I don’t stop to enjoy the lilacs when they’re here. I think… I know what they smell like, I know what they look like, I see them everywhere, they’ll be there next year, why bother?… but going through my photos from the past years, I realized that I hadn’t accumulated any kind of album’s worth of photos.

Photos with friends? Absolutely. Photos at the fudge shop? Way too many. Lilacs? Not so much.

So, I decided that every time I found myself outside, I would try to take at least one picture. I even took one in the rain – although that one didn’t turn out quite as well (If any of you are wondering, I take most of my photos on my iPhone4S).

I find that the easiest place to find lilacs are in people’s yards:

White lilacs from The Musser’s yard

My parents house - the lilac tree here has lived a very long time!

I like to go running for exercise, and biking on Mackinac also has it’s days – trust me, if you’re up here during lilac season you’ll want to at least bike through town a couple of times! It’s hard not to catch the scent of lilacs riding by. But lately I’ve been trying more walking and hiking instead of running. It’s my goal to tackle as many hills as possible this summer! Anyway, I find it easier to stop to take photos of lilacs when I’m walking as well:

On Cadotte Ave

Walking back down west bluff (Grand Hotel in the background)

A view into the Grand’s pool area – a row of a variety of different kinds of lilacs

Back down on the boardwalk. If you look very closely, there is a family of geese  in the water...

So I came up with this fun idea a couple of days ago… I’d really like to hear about other people’s favorite memories or things to do on Mackinac Island. Just write it down on a postcard, send it to me, and I’ll post it on my next blogpost! You can use a postcard of your own, or make a postcard too! Make sure to include your name so that I can thank you on the post.

Send all postcards to:

Heather May / P.O. Box 870 / Mackinac Island, MI 49757

That’s all for now… stay warm!

In Bloom

My favorite lilacs are starting to bloom on Mackinac:

photo courtesy of May’s Candy Shop

I love this time of year, for lots of reasons, and the lilacs are one of them. The picture above actually is of the type of lilacs that I like the most! Some are more in bloom than others, but the one thing I love about this time of year is that I can smell the lilac scent in the air whenever I’m riding my bike through town.

Another reason that I love this time of year is because all of the seasonal islanders start making their way back to the island. Why just yesterday I walked into Doud’s grocery store and was stopped by 3 different people who had just recently arrived to the island. Who knew that shopping for groceries could get so exciting! And it doesn’t stop there… when I’m walking downtown, am making fudge, waiting for the ferry, etc., I know that there’s a “welcome back!” exclamation just waiting to happen.

The third reason this time of year is so amazing is that, not only do people start coming back, but their dogs come back too! I love dogs, and hope that I’ll be in the right situation to own one someday. But for now, I have so many neighbors with a total 6 awesome dogs that live on my corner. I also noticed over on bree’s blog this link:, that is all about the dogs on Mackinac Island. They’re so cute!

The fourth reason that I love this time of year is that I get to start making fudge again! The cleaning and painting and organizing and fix-it projects are all finished, and we can start to get down to the business of making fudge. I’m sure you all know how much I love making fudge from my previous post, so today I only have one picture to share from yesterday’s candy making:

Quickly stirring a batch of peanut butter fudge.

My fifth reason for loving the island this time of year… well, it’s still the lilacs, hehe. Let me leave you with some final pictures of the lilacs around town:

Island Sounds & Sights

Because sometimes we need more than just a visual:

Did anybody get any snow on Friday? We got a little bit. I think the bridge got even more than us, as it closed down for a couple hours in the morning due to falling ice.


But it’s always fun to see snow on the island during a time when you think we’re all done with it.

I was once told by a friend that the island would not be the same in the summer after I’ve lived here in the winter. The businesses open up, the tourists come back, every plant and tree starts to bloom, and the island comes back to life again. Maybe I haven’t lived here long enough to know what he’s talking about, as I still welcome all of those things. After all, I’ve spent all of 28 summers here, and that’s what I know, what I’m used to. But I can tell you what I’m going to miss from this winter…


I’ll miss being able to run for an hour and be alone the entire time, not running by anyone, and being alone with my thoughts. I’ll miss knowing that every time I do pass someone on the street, it’s always someone I know. I’ll miss the idea that I can stop at any moment, and hear complete silence. I’ll miss being able to count the hours in my day that are empty, and finding out that I have a full day all to myself.

I’ll miss the solitude.

But you know what I’ll be looking forward to this summer?

…. lilacs! 

I can’t wait. Lilac, lilacs, lilacs. It’s all I can think about! I just can’t wait to see them. The new greenery that’s popping up is a nice change at this time of year, but nothing beats that extra pop of color that the lilacs bring. I am even going to try some planting myself… well, maybe not with lilacs. But with snap peas, cucumber, tomatoes, maybe plant some flowers around the yard. I’ll be doing my best to use my green thumb this summer. Hopefully they all turn out okay.

One last thing… I guess there IS something that I’m not really looking forward to in the summer… maintenance! My bike is in dire shape, and needs some fixing. I still haven’t fixed my kickstand, or replaced my missing pedal with a new one. Looks like I’ll have something to do this weekend!