November Holidays

Well, that didn’t last long!

Last week we had a brief glimpse of hope for some snow here on Mackinac Island, but it has all since melted… instead, the pretty soft snow has been replaced with wet gross rain. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it were warmer… actually, it is warmer than it was last week, so I guess that’s a plus.

This week I’ve had Thanksgiving Break from work, as I’m sure many teachers are enjoying everywhere! It has been mostly uneventful. My brother wasn’t free this week, so we actually celebrated a week earlier. It was great (especially with the snow), and I made a somewhat successful cornbread stuffing from scratch this time around. I’m realizing now how fun it is to make food from scratch instead of the box. It’s definitely my goal to do more of that this winter. I decided to start a new blog just to share recipes that I’ve tried, and hopefully this will also include lots of recipes that I’ll create in the future, too!

Anyway, with all this extra time on my hands I did wander around the island a little bit.

Some pictures of the recent switch from Arnold line to Starline. They are partway through the painting process:

Many people left the island for their Thanksgiving break. I opted for a Staycation…

The Christmas tree is also up but man, we really could use more snow!!

More scenes from near the water’s edge:

The snowmobile signs have been posted. All we need now? Yep….. Snow!!!

I also made my way down towards Devil’s Kitchen. In September I’d come down here after work sometimes to just sit and read a book and enjoy a little fresh air…

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Christmas bazaar and to really getting into the holiday spirit. Have a great week, everyone!

~ Heather 

November post-season

For the last few weeks, life has been slowing down here on Mackinac Island. We are in the process of winterizing the fudge shops, and the biggest thing left to do at this point is to shut off the water in both stores. For a lot of residents as well, that first time riding your bike through an empty Main St. is music to the ears! After working hard for the season, it’s nice to enjoy that first calm day in the fall. For me, that moment came one night when buying some groceries at Doud’s and riding home through a very quiet downtown.

This week is also a week of transitions, because I’m in the process of moving into my winter housing. Between that, helping my parents make their transition from summer home (here) to winter home (Petoskey), and winterizing the fudge shops (oh… and did I mention raking the leaves? Haven’t done that yet, either…), it’ll be a busy week for me.

I do have a few photos from over the past few weeks here on the island…

Here I took one last walk up to the Grand Hotel during their last week open. I went up to the Cupola bar with a friend to enjoy the view, and fittingly enough, the pianist at one point started playing “The Candyman Can.” I didn’t request it, I swear!


One of the first days that we were closed for the year, sometime around Oct. 26


I spent the last week open at May’s Candy shop shining up the kettles. It’s honestly one of my favorite jobs to do!


One last mopping…


I think this was during the last week we were open, around Oct. 25. Tourists still enjoying the island, even in the cold weather!


A sunny, November day with falling leaves.


About to see a transition into something new for this store for next year…


Taken this past Saturday, November 8. A view of East Bluff and the marina from the Arnold Line dock.


Apparently there is a big snow storm coming through Michigan today, so you might see more pictures tomorrow…

And to end this post, I just want to say thanks to those of you who have been following my online story! It was just something fun and creative to do, and I’ll be adding new chapters all winter. Chapter 3 is coming up next, so stay tuned!

~ Heather

Snow storm and Holiday Postcards

Take a stroll with me on the boardwalk…



Today a nice big snowstorm hit Mackinac Island, and it was great. Well, maybe the wind wasn’t so great, but everything else was great. We had to endure an entire weekend with no snow and barely enough ice on the ground for snowmobilers to get by, so the several inches of snow that we accumulated last night and today was nice. I wanted to get a little walk in this morning, so I decided to walk to work instead of drive.

A nice view of the Grand Hotel on my way towards the school
A nice view of the Grand Hotel on my way towards the school

On my way out of work, I could tell there was a lot more snow… and a lot more wind, too! The snow just wanted to stick to everything, including store windows. But the wind was really making it hard for snow to stick to the ground, so driving seemed to be a little bit of a wispy adventure.





By the time I got home a minute later, I figured, why not take a ride? So I started up my snowmobile and headed into town. I needed gas anyway, and I hadn’t gotten any good pics of the fudge shops yet, so what better time than any!

Leaving Island Hardware after getting some gas, and about to cross Main Street onto Astor Street.
Leaving Island Hardware after getting some gas, and about to cross Main Street onto Astor Street.
I swung back around onto Main St. to check out the tree


Our main store, May's Fudge Shop, oldest family-operated fudge shop on the island. I added a couple of decorations to make it more festive!
Our main store, May’s Fudge Shop, oldest family-operated fudge shop on the island. I added a couple of decorations to make it more festive!


Here are just a couple more photographs from around town:

Fort Mackinac
Fort Mackinac




By the way, awhile back I started a little Postcard Pal event where I asked all of you out there to send me a postcard with a note about your memories of Mackinac Island. With the holidays in full swing, I thought I’d bring back the event in a good ol’ holiday style!

Send me a postcard with a message saying what you like about Mackinac Island in the winter, or what you’d like to experience about Mackinac Island if you haven’t been here in the winter. Your postcard will be featured on my blog, and you’ll receive a postcard back from me! Send all mail to:

@MackIslandGal / PO Box 870 / Mackinac Island, MI 49757

Thanks for stopping by, and hope to hear from you soon!