Mackinac Island Student Art Show

This weekend was the reception for the Mackinac Island K-12 student art show. We had a wonderful turnout and the students and parents alike enjoyed seeing art from across each grade level.


Many of the students’ parents, grandparents, friends, and teachers were in attendance:



Some of the students also had the opportunity to be interviewed by the local newspaper, the Mackinac Island Town Crier.


What I tried to focus on in art class these past few weeks were self portraits, and also a study of the artist, Pablo Picasso. We learned a little bit about the artist himself, then looked a few of his paintings. In the picture below, K-1 students used watercolor to paint a Picasso-style portrait:


In 2nd-3rd grade, I chose the sun as a creative face to study the Picasso style. Students used oil pastels to create suns with one side of warm colors and the other side of cool colors:


With 5 high school art students this year, I gave them a bit of free range in terms of choosing their subjects. Their displayed artwork focused on watercolors and acrylic paintings:


For 4th through 7th grade, I chose to display a variety of the artwork they’ve done throughout the year. They used a variety of different mediums, including oil pastel, colored pencil, and even created their own wax-resist scratchboards:


Being my first time putting up an art show I was a little bit nervous about the outcome, but everyone in attendance truly enjoyed the show. The students’ artwork will be on display at the Mackinac Island Public Library from now through the Lilac Festival, so if you find yourself on Mackinac Island in the next month, please stop by to see all the incredible artwork!

Mackinac Kids Clean!

Who’s ready for a visit!?
Last Monday, the students of Mackinac Island Public School set out to do some outdoor cleaning for Earth Day! Students went out by classroom and the island was split up into different sections for picking up garbage. Here, 4-7th grade start their trek by the boardwalk, while 2-3rd graders are on their way back from the middle of the island:

Since the weather seems to also be heating up, I thought I’d put up a couple of art projects from my 2-3rd grade art students. They’ve been studying up on Picasso portraits, and we created suns out of them using oil pastels. Students colored one side with warm colors, and the other side with cool colors, using whatever colors they liked for the sun’s rays.Then, they cut out their sun and glued it onto a construction paper background:


You can see more of this artwork, along with K-12 artwork at the Mackinac Island Public Library coming up this May! The student art show will stay up in the library throughout May and until the Lilac Festival. If you find yourself on the island early this summer, please stop by and enjoy some art!