Postcard to Mackinac 08.11.2012

A new postcard! Tandem biking on Mackinac Island:

Look! It’s my future home on a postcard, hehe… the Frederick R. Weisman art museum is quite an art piece itself! As a new art teacher, it’s always interesting to visit different museums and galleries, especially ones that feature art that’s local and therefore more personal to the area. This museum looks like an intriguing place to visit in Minnesota.

I know Dawn from my alma mater, Central Michigan University, where I studied Music Performance & Education. She was part of the faculty there and also an amazing flutist! It’s always good to hear from friends.

I love the tradition of riding around the island… and on tandem bikes, no less! I’ve ridden on tandem bikes a couple of times, and they’re pretty tricky, but definitely something to try when you’re on Mackinac Island. I, too, used to keep record of my round-the-island trips, and Mackinac’s eight plus miles around, as a younger self, I once biked it in 35 minutes. It’s nice to have the tradition of visiting a certain part of Mackinac Island on every visit, but I challenge everyone to find an activity that they can DO on every visit, too!

Thanks, Dawn, for the awesome postcard! Hope to see you on your next trip as well!

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Postcard to Mackinac 08.03.2012

From Minnesota to Mackinac:

I wasn’t quite sure about this one, until I read the other side!

This is apparently the very school that Bob Dylan attended! As someone who has been learning guitar on my own for the past couple of years and trying to delve into the world of folk and rock music, Bob Dylan is an excellent place to start.

Mackinac Island has two bluffs with amazingly beautiful historic cottages on both. The East Bluff can be found right behind Mission Point Resort, where you can find the Baby Grand… and the West Bluff is just a walk past The Grand Hotel. Here you can find the quaint “Birthday Cake” cottage, as well as The Pines Cottage, which is where the Mackinac Arts Council holds their annual Jammin’ for the Arts Fundraiser, filling up with art, live music, and a great atmosphere. Take a long walk on Mackinac Island to explore not only the trails, but also get lost in these historical buildings on the West and East bluffs.

Thank you so much for the postcard, Char! It was great meeting you, too!

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Postcard to Mackinac 07.28.2012

Starting to get global, here! A postcard all the way from Victoria:

As a blogger, you tend to meet a lot of new people online. It’s great hearing from people from different parts of the United States who have visited Mackinac Island, but who would’ve thought that I’d hear from someone out of the country? So this one came as quite the exciting surprise (although I have to say, I sort of knew it was coming…)…

Ben Fast has his own amazing blog that encompasses a lot of different parts of his life, all neatly organized on a wordpress blog. I’d encourage you to check out his photography link (really, if I could own all of those cameras, I’d be one happy camper!), and especially, send him a postcard too!


Has anyone ever visited Fort Michilimackinac? It’s pretty amazing. I’ve been there only a handful of times, but it is definitely an adventure! There is even an excavation going on there this season, a definite must see!

The other nice thing about Mackinac City and Fort Michilimackinac is how close it is to the Mackinac Bridge. At one point, the Mighty Mac was the largest suspension bridge in the world, and I now believe it’s the 6th largest. I have to admit, it’s taken me a couple of years to get used to driving over the bridge. But ever since I started living year-round on Mackinac Island, I’ve found myself parking in St. Ignace in the winter and forced to drive over the bridge to be able to visit my family & friends… so now it seems like a piece of cake, hehe.

Thanks for the postcard, Ben! I’ll be sending you a postcard (& more!) very soon…

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