Spring Wanderings

The April Showers have definitely started up this weekend, as Michigan got its fair share of thunderstorms. Actually, I enjoyed the sound of the thunder falling asleep last night. As for this weekend, I spent some time outdoors and wandered out towards the side of the island that I don’t get into much, finding myself in some kind of miniature adventure.

On Saturday, I headed to St. Ignace to drive my car around and buy some groceries. It was sunny at the time and I took the opportunity to catch a photo of the bay and the lighthouse passage:

Catching a glimpse of the Grand Hotel as I head up to Pontiac Trail
And on Sunday, biked out on the North end of the island, out past Arch Rock and mile marker 2 to reach Lake Shore Nature Trail. It’s a short trail, but such a cute little pocket of Mackinac. There’s even a wooden walkway that splits into two directions to make it more exciting, plus lots of trail markers to tell you about the surrounding nature. I highly recommend a stop here if you ever find yourself biking around the island!

Lake Shore Nature Trail

A side view of the island as I biked back towards town

I hope you’re all enjoying Spring in your own hometowns! Here’s to counting down the days to summer!

– Heather

The In-Between Season

A look at how we live…

Walking downhill to work
Mackinac Island blog
The scene from downtown two days ago
Mackinac Island blog
The scene from downtown yesterday
Yesterday again… It’s nice to ride my bike again! Snowmobilers, however, still have enough snow to drive on the side
Mackinac Island blog
The scene from Market St. If you’re on a snowmobile, sometimes you find yourself on dry land, coasting from snow bank to snow bank
Mackinac Island blog
A nice snowy parking spot

Mackinac Island Spring Recital

This week was full of preparation and performance, as the Mackinac Island high school music class performed in their final recital of the school year.

The recital on Wednesday, May 2nd, turned out to be a wonderful performance. Something that I tried differently with them this year was to have them accompany each other instead of playing solos. It was a great experience for all of my students to work with a partner, and each one did an amazing job! We finished off the concert with 2 large ensemble pieces, one of which included the song, Mackinac, by George Fraser. It is a little known piece written for the island back in 1943, and is just a beautiful song.

An excerpt of the MIPS high school music class performing Mackinac:

I couldn’t be more proud of my students this year!

If anyone would like a copy of my arrangment of this song, just send me a message!

More to come later this week on our school’s next upcoming project, the K-12 art show….